Appeals to the Privy Council from the
Caribbean and Canadian Colonies


Contents by Colony, Report Number, and Case Name



ANT_1687_00 Capt. George St. Lowe v John Kirwan

ANT_1699_01 Appeal of John Lucas

ANT_1699_02 William Cockrane v George Powell

ANT_1701_01 In re The Experience and Susanna

ANT_1701_02 In re The America

ANT_1708_00 Appeal of Thomas and Elizabeth Elliot, John and Sarah Earle, and Mary Ligham

ANT_1713_00 Appeal of John and Anne French

ANT_1714_01 William Codrington v Col. Michael Lambert

ANT_1714_02 Valentine and Elizabeth Morris v Thomas and Elizabeth Williams, Edward Byam, and John Fry

ANT_1715_00 Caesar Rodney v Edward Chester

ANT_1717_00 Daniel and Elizabeth Smith v Maine Sweet

ANT_1718_01 William Franklyn v Stephen Buraston

ANT_1718_01 Ann Franklyn v Stephen Buraston

ANT_1718_02 Edward Chester v Royal African Company

ANT_1718_03 Benjamin Eversden and John Wright v Henry Douglas, Nathaniel Crump, et al.

ANT_1719_00 Daniel Mackinnen and William Kennedy v Thomas de Witt, John de Witt, and Mary de Witt

ANT_1720_00 Elinor Tankard v Archibald Cockran and Baptist Looby

ANT_1721_01 George and Susanna Forrest v Margaret Martin and Henry Martin

ANT_1721_01 Margaret Martin and Henry Martin (later revived by Robert Martin) v Edward Horn Forrest

ANT_1721_02 Edward and Mary Mann v James and Rachel Gamble

ANT_1722_00 James Parke v Nathaniel Gilbert

ANT_1723_01 Nathaniel Crump v Henry Martin and Margaret Martin

ANT_1723_01 Henry Martin and Margaret Martin v Nathaniel Crump

ANT_1723_02 Richard Rigby and wife v Edward Chester, William Yeomans, et al.

ANT_1724_00 Lawford Cole v Matthew Mills

ANT_1725_01 Rowland Hamilton v William Horne and Sarah Horne (later her administrator, Walter Nugent), et al.

ANT_1725_02 Samuel Proctor and James Barton (later William Barton) v Magdalen Bondinot

ANT_1725_03 Edward, sen., and Ann Chester, John Gunthorp, Richard Sherwood, and Catharine, Elizabeth, and Mary Paynter, by their guardians, Edward and Ann Chester v William Paynter, Edward Byam, Maj. John Tomlinson, and Francis Carlisle

ANT_1725_03 Ann Chester, William Paynter (son of John Paynter), and the executors of John Paynter v John Gunthorp and Catherine Paynter, as executors of William Paynter, the elder, and William Paynter (son of William Paynter, the elder), by his guardians, William Horne and Francis Burton

ANT_1725_03 Edward Byam, Francis Carlisle, Maj. John Tomlinson, sen., Ann Chester, and William Paynter (son of John Paynter) v John Gunthorp, Catherine Paynter, and William Paynter (son of William Paynter, sen.)

ANT_1726_01 John Hamilton v ___Mugill

ANT_1726_02 Nathaniel Carpenter v John Parry, and the widow and executors of Samuel Parry

ANT_1726_02 Nathaniel Carpenter v Henry Lyons, guardian of Amy Parry

ANT_1726_03 Henry Lyons v executors of Henry Lyons, and Nathaniel Crump, Michael Arnold, Nicholas Lynch, John Teale (the four being the executors of Jeffrey Lyons), Elizabeth Lyons, and Sarah Lyons

ANT_1726_03 Executors of Henry Lyons, and Nathaniel Crump, Michael Arnold, Nicholas Lynch, John Teale (the four being the executors of Jeffrey Lyons), Elizabeth Lyons, and Sarah Lyons v Henry Lyons

ANT_1726_04 Sir William Codrington v William Byam, Nathaniel Crump, Archibald Cockrane, and Francis Carlisle

ANT_1727_01 Richard Staple v William Glanvill

ANT_1727_02 James and Margaret Wetherill v Sir William Codrington

ANT_1728_00 William Byam v Nathaniel Gilbert

ANT_1729_01 Jacob Thibon v unnamed children and representatives of the late John Pierce

ANT_1729_01 Unnamed children and representatives of the late John Pierce v Abraham and Ann Picard de la Ferte, Benjamin and Catherine Terry, and Arabella Turton, John Gambell, John Frye, and Samuel Frye

ANT_1729_01 Jacob Thibon v Richard and Ann Rigby, and George and Dorothy Barker

ANT_1729_02 Peter de la Motte v Richard Baker

ANT_1730_01 John Dubois v Capt. Toller

ANT_1730_02 Charles Dunbar v William Glanville, William Yeamans, Valentine Morris, and Christopher Stoodley

ANT_1731_00 John and Rachel Pare v Henry Palmer

ANT_1732_00 William Gregson v Frederick and Frances Voguel, and Richard Roe

ANT_1733_01 John Toller v John Burke

ANT_1733_01 John Burke v John Toller

ANT_1733_02 Thomas Morris v Giles and Elizabeth Watkins

ANT_1734_01 Joseph French v Richard and Johanna Sherwood, William Denbow, and Thomas Kirby

ANT_1734_02 John Burke (George and Elizabeth Burke Crump, and John Burke, the son, added as later parties) and James Duncan v Robert Weir, Walter Weir, Francis Weir, William Paynter, Edward Byam, George Thomas, George Byam, and Thomas Freeman (later adding William Gunthorpe, as nephew and heir of William Paynter, deceased)

ANT_1734_03 Sir William Codrington v William Byam, Nathaniel Crump, Archibald Cockran, Francis Carlisle, Robert and Rebecca Tint, Dorothy Philips, and Elizabeth Philips

ANT_1734_04 Nathaniel Crump and Nathaniel Gilbert v Valentine Morris and William Yeamans

ANT_1734_04 Appeal of Valentine Morris and William Yeamans

ANT_1735_01 Charles Dunbar and Richard Roe v John Kerr

ANT_1735_02 William and Mary Smith, and Thomas Kirby v Joseph Mathews, James Salmond, Patrick Lynch, John Turnell, Caesar Rodeney, James Read, Paul Fisher, Robert Lone, William Snelgrave, Edward Jones, and Robert Weir

ANT_1736_01 Wavell Smith v Francis Carlisle (later Nathaniel Gilbert and John Thomlinson, as executors)

ANT_1736_02 Thomas Morris v Giles and Elizabeth Watkins

ANT_1736_03 Charles Dunbar v Henry Lory and Richard Todman

ANT_1738_01 Peter Wilcox, Giles Wilcox, Anne Reynolds, Francis and Sarah Hamilton, and Lydia Stephens v Isaac Royal and Richard Roe

ANT_1738_02 Wavel Smith v Thomas Jarvis

ANT_1738_03 Richard and Mary Kirwan, and Archibald Hamilton v Samuel and Jane Lyons, and Charles and Biss Alexander

ANT_1738_03 Archibald Hamilton, Richard and Mary Kirwan, John Gunthorpe and Rowland Hamilton v Samuel and Jane Lyons, and Charles and Biss Alexander

ANT_1739_01 Edward Otto Bayer and Richard Roe v Ashton Warner

ANT_1739_01 Edward Otto Bayer v Ashton Warner (later revived against eldest son and executors, other sons, and grandsons) and Robert Gray

ANT_1739_02 Charles Dunbar v Henry Webb

ANT_1739_03 Lucy Chester Park v Charles Dunbar, as lessor of the nominal plaintiff John Doe

ANT_1739_03 Lucy Chester Park v Charles Dunbar

ANT_1739_04 Isaac and Catherine Thibou, and Sophia Field v Ashton Warner

ANT_1744_01 James Langford v William Simpson

ANT_1744_02 Elizabeth Langford and James Langford v Jonas Langford, Richard and Mary Oliver, Mathew and Isabella Lovell, James, jun., and Mehitabell Nibbs, and John, jun., and Elizabeth Blissard, and Ditty Langford and Samuel Langford, by ‘their next friend’

ANT_1744_02 Jonas Langford, Richard and Mary Oliver, Mathew and Isabella Lovell, James, jun., and Mehitabell Nibbs, and John, jun., and Elizabeth Blissard, and Ditty Langford and Samuel Langford, by ‘their next friend’ v Elizabeth Langford and James Langford

ANT_1746_00 William and Mary Nibbs (later Robert Nibbs) v Giles Blizard by Stephen Blizard

ANT_1749_01 Appeal of Benjamin King

ANT_1749_02 John and Eleanor Dunbar, Elizabeth Watkins, and Ann Watkins (the Watkinses by Jonas Langford and William Mackinen) v Thomas and Rachel Shephard (revived by Rachel Shephard, Thomas Shephard [the son], Thomas Warner, Daniel Warner, Richard Bingham, Robert Shephard, Richard Boddicott, and Stephen Mignian [Minion], and George White)

ANT_1752_01 John and Elinor Dunbar, William and Elizabeth Gunthorpe, and Ann Watkins, by her guardians, and Stephen Blizard, Jonas Langford, William Mackinen, Robert Christian, and John Watkins v Ashton Warner (later deceased; revived by Henry Webb), Daniel Warner, De la Court Walsh, Margaret Watkins, John Watkins, Christopher and Jane Baldwin, and Mary Watkins, by her guardian, Richard Lee

ANT_1752_02 John Turnbull v Rev. William Topham

ANT_1752_03 Richard Kirwan v Charles and Bisse Alexander, Samuel and Jane Lyons, Rowland Hamilton, John Gunthorpe, Ashton Warner, William Byam, William Yeamans, Rowland and Sarah Oliver, William Denbow, and Byam Denbow, by William Denbow

ANT_1757_00 Robert Davis v William Warner

ANT_1757_00 William Warner v Robert Davis

ANT_1758_00 Robert Ritchie v John Dearman Nanton

ANT_1761_00 Peter Prudden, in behalf of the owners v John Halliday

ANT_1762_00 John Harvey v Christopher Ceely, Alexander and Elizabeth Harvey, Rebecca Darcy, Anthony Brown, Allan Evanson, and Nathaniel Evanson

ANT_1765_01 Victor McNelly v Thomas Knowler

ANT_1765_01 William Woodbridge v Thomas Knowler

ANT_1765_01 Joseph Guinand and Henry Guinand v Thomas Knowler

ANT_1765_01 Anthony Columbier v Thomas Knowler

ANT_1765_02 Appeal of Robert Fulton

ANT_1765_03 John Payne v William Abdy

ANT_1768_00 Thomas Coursey and William Kirkpatrick v Thomas Underwood

ANT_1772_00 Alexander Willock and Arthur Morson v David Williams and Clinton Williams

ANT_1777_00 Samuel Redhead v Philip Hicks and Tryphena Ronan

ANT_1781_00 Joseph Holt v George Savage, et al.

ANT_1782_00 John Otto Bayer v Rowland Otto Bayer


BAH_1722_00 Appeal of Michael Bevan

BAH_1731_00 Appeal of John Colebrook

BAH_1744_00 Appeal of James Scott and John Snow

BAH_1766_01 Edward Scott v John Brown, as Attorney General

BAH_1766_02 John Bryant v Samuel Gambier, James Bradford, John Brown, and Samuel Gambier

BAH_1770_00 Robert Alexander v Robert Sterling and Ralph Dundass


BAR_1682_00 Appeal of Samuel Hanson

BAR_1684_00 Appeal of Capt. Richard Young and Samuel Hanson

BAR_1685_01 Appeal of Sir John Wytham

BAR_1685_02 Appeal of John Goldingham and Ralph Lane

BAR_1686_00 Dame Ayliffe Raynsford, and William and Diana Stokes v Henry Gorges

BAR_1687_01 Appeal of Richard Scott

BAR_1687_02 Appeal of Sir Timothy Thornhill

BAR_1688_01 Richard Knights v John Hallett

BAR_1688_02 Sir John Witham v John Gray

BAR_1689_00 Appeal of Ralph Lane

BAR_1693_00 Appeal of Col. John Hallet

BAR_1695_01 Richard Holder and Wylde Clarke v Charles Coates

BAR_1695_02 Appeal of William Sharpe

BAR_1695_03 Appeal of Richard Bate, Isaac Hawkins, John Burrow, and Christopher Prissick, executors of Barbara Newton

BAR_1699_01 George Peers v Jonathan Amory (In re The Turtle)

BAR_1699_02 Robert Chaplain v Capt. Alexander Cunningham

BAR_1701_01 James and Elizabeth Cowes v William Sharpe

BAR_1701_02 In re The Rebecca

BAR_1701_03 John and Katherine Farmer v Elizabeth Bond, John Hallett, John Eginton, and Francis Bond

BAR_1702_01 Anne Baylie v John and Margaret Holder, William Baylie, Mathias and Thomasin Lake, Nicholas Prideaux, and William Carter

BAR_1702_02 Appeal of William Battyn

BAR_1703_00 Richard Knights v John Hallett

BAR_1704_01 Richard Worsham v Henry Applethwaite

BAR_1704_02 Tobias Frere v William and Elenor Springham

BAR_1705_01 Elizabeth Burgess and Robert Wright v Bartholomew Rees (?alias William Ross)

BAR_1705_02 Appeal of George Lillington

BAR_1705_03 Joseph and Mary Mason v George and Mary Brice

BAR_1705_04 Appeal of Edward Chilton

BAR_1705_05 Richard and Martha Holt, and Mary Croft v Edward and Mary Burke

BAR_1706_00 Appeal of Thomas Hodges

BAR_1707_01 Mitford Crowe v Ann Ramsey and Rebecca Butler

BAR_1707_02 Appeal of George Lyte

BAR_1707_03 John Egginton v Middleton and Dorothy Chamberlain, and John and Elizabeth Nanfan

BAR_1708_01 William Copp v William and Eleanor Rayner

BAR_1708_02 Norman Mackaskell v John Robinson and Rebecca Butler

BAR_1709_01 Manuel Manasses and Butler Gilligan v Mitford and Oriana Crowe (2 appeals)

BAR_1709_01 Mitford and Oriana Crowe v Smithell and Ann Matson, and Rebecca Butler

BAR_1709_01 Mitford and Oriana Crowe v Manuel Manasses and Butler Gilligan

BAR_1709_02 Arthur Upton v Alexander Skene

BAR_1709_03 Appeal of William Arnoll, Elizabeth Arnoll, and Matthew Gray

BAR_1709_04 Appeal of George Lillingston

BAR_1709_05 John and Elizabeth Colleton v Thomas Prideaux

BAR_1709_06 Othniel and Mary Haggatt v Joseph Alford and Daniel Alford

BAR_1710_01 Appeal of Arthur and Susanna Slingsby

BAR_1710_02 Edmund Sutton v Margaret Sutton

BAR_1710_03 Richard and Margaret Husbands v Middleton Chamberlain

BAR_1711_01 Jane Lyte, John Mills, and John Mills, jun., v Constance Lyte (later Shatterden)

BAR_1711_02 Mitford and Oriana Crow v Mrs. Butler Chamberlain

BAR_1712_01 Edward and Martha Denny v William Cleland

BAR_1712_02 Robert Stewart and Hugh Agnew v William and Alice Davies

BAR_1712_03 Nathaniel Rouse and James Aynsworth v John Rouse

BAR_1712_04 William Rawlins v Edward Burke

BAR_1713_01 John Walker and Alexander Walker, and their attorneys, Thomas and Reynold Alleyne v George and Susannah Nicholas

BAR_1713_02 John and Elizabeth Whetstone v John Carter

BAR_1714_01 Henry Grey v Burch Hothersall

BAR_1714_02 Hannah Peers and John Peers v Samuel Barwick

BAR_1714_03 Benjamin Ballard v Hester Burke

BAR_1714_04 Isaac Mendez and Moses Mendez v William Rees Battyn (2 appeals)

BAR_1714_05 Margaret Walter and John Walter v George and Susanna Nicholas

BAR_1714_06 Col. Henry Peers v Frances Jones and John Jones

BAR_1714_07 John Gardner, Alexander Walker, Thomas Alleyne, and Reynold Alleyne v Michael Tirrell

BAR_1715_01 Robert Stewart (later Elizabeth Stewart) v William Rees Battyn

BAR_1715_02 Bernard and Sarah Cook, and Susannah King v Robert Lettice Hooper (2 appeals)

BAR_1715_03 William Heysham, William Roberts, and Thomas Withers v James Aynsworth

BAR_1715_04 William Heysham (by his attorneys) v Alexander Walker

BAR_1717_00 William Fortescue, by Thomas Beckles v John Bromley

BAR_1718_01 Manuel Manasses Gilligan v William Ramsey (2 appeals)

BAR_1718_02 Appeal of Andrew Cassally

BAR_1719_00 William Gordon v Governor Lowther

BAR_1720_00 Appeal of Bernard Cook

BAR_1726_01 William Moore v Francis Ford and George Barry

BAR_1726_02 David Hamilton v Edward Sutton, and John and Mary Jenkins

BAR_1726_03 Thomas Seawell and Thomas Noel Seawell v Elizabeth Seawell and Benjamin Charnock

BAR_1726_04 William Gordon v Gelasius MacMahon

BAR_1729_01 Governor Worsley v Thomas Daverse

BAR_1729_02 James Crow v Gelasius and Frances MacMahon, and Elizabeth Holdip

BAR_1730_00 William Andrews, Samuel Osborn, Thomas Stokes, and Richard Morris v Isaac Le Gay and John Wood

BAR_1730_00 William Andrews, Samuel Osborn, and Thomas Stokes v Joseph Young and James Caswell (now replaced by John Ashley), attorneys for Robert and Sarah Hales

BAR_1730_00 William Andrews, Samuel Osborn, and Thomas Stokes v Richard Moseley and John Wood

BAR_1732_00 John and Jane Bennett v Dr. Henry and Jane Warren

BAR_1732_00 John Bennett, Jonathan Blenman, Abel Alleyne, and Dudley Woodbridge v Dr. Henry and Jane Warren

BAR_1733_00 Charles Huggins v Robert Warren

BAR_1734_00 Oliver Kennedy v Burch and Anne Hothersall

BAR_1736_00 Appeal of William Rawlin

BAR_1737_01 Joseph Gibbs v John Howell

BAR_1737_02 Benjamin Charnock v Elliot Saer and George Gascoigne

BAR_1737_02 Elliot Saer v Benjamin Charnock, George Gascoigne, and Thomas Maxwell

BAR_1737_02 Elliot Saer v Benjamin Charnock and George Gascoigne

BAR_1737_03 William Arnoll v Margaret Phillips

BAR_1738_01 Susannah Brome and William Brome v Sir Joseph Eyles

BAR_1738_02 John and Elizabeth Burke v Martha Lane

BAR_1738_02 Robert and Mary Burnet v Martha Lane

BAR_1738_02 Mary Lane v Martha Lane

BAR_1738_03 John Jones v William Harrison

BAR_1739_01 John and Mary Ashley, and William Holder, by his guardian, Edward Brace v Thomas and Elizabeth Applewhaite, William and Alice Christian Gibbes, and Dudley and Anne Woodbridge

BAR_1739_02 Samuel Palmer v William Sealy

BAR_1739_02 William Sealy v Samuel Palmer

BAR_1740_00 John Millington (later adding Richard Smith) v Sir Robert Worsley and John, Lord Carteret

BAR_1741_00 Reynold Alleyne and Richard Salter, by Salter’s attorney, Richard Wiltshire, William Tryon and Thomas Tryon, by their attorney, James Bruce, William Paterson, Isaac De Peiza, George Maxwell, and Abel Alleyne v Mary Alleyne

BAR_1742_01 Patrick and Elizabeth McCabe v Benjamin Charnock

BAR_1742_02 John Price v Mary Warren, Henry Peers, and Thomas Applewhaite

BAR_1742_03 Edward Brace (revived in the names of John Brace, Benjamin Charnock, Samuel Brace, Joseph Terrill, Edward Brace, the younger, and Samuel Game) v John and Elizabeth Lyte, and Tobias and Arabella Frere

BAR_1743_00 Henry Grey v Burch Hothersall

BAR_1748_00 George Hannay v James Lyndall

BAR_1752_01 Gedney Clarke v Stephen Wolfenden, John Brichinsa, and Thomas Liddel

BAR_1752_02 George Hogshard v John and Hannah Fuller, and Anthony Lynch

BAR_1752_03 Gedney Clarke and Richard Gosling v Richard Smith

BAR_1753_01 William Kennedy v John Gay Alleyne, Christian Alleyne, and Thomas Nicholas

BAR_1753_02 John and Margaret Stone v Peter Chapman

BAR_1755_00 John and Sarah Pratt, and Elizabeth Eyles v William Broome and Susannah Broome

BAR_1756_01 Appeal of Alexander Graeme, James Shepherd, and Henry Dowell

BAR_1756_02 Samuel Adams, George Greeme, Elizabeth Maxwell, and Thomas and Elizabeth Inch v William Sturge

BAR_1759_00 Gedney Clarke v Richard Oswald, Alexander Oswald, Michael Herries and Company, and Ralph Sampson

BAR_1760_00 George Augustus Selwyn v John Murray

BAR_1761_00 John and Margaret Stone v Joseph and Elizabeth Maynard

BAR_1761_00 Jonas Maynard v John and Margaret Stone

BAR_1762_00 William Nash v Gedney Clarke

BAR_1763_00 Thomas and Alice Suleven v Dr. Reynold Skeete

BAR_1764_00 Benjamin Charnock v Mary Sober and Dowding Thornhill Bonnett

BAR_1765_00 John Carter v Katherine Sims

BAR_1766_00 Francis Grant v William Singleton and Samuel Welch

BAR_1767_00 Capt. Thomas Taylor v William Nash

BAR_1774_00 Robert Lucas v James Straker, Thomas Ostrehan, and Alexander Stevenson

BAR_1775_00 James and Mary Simmons v Walter and Rebecca Caddell

BAR_1776_00 ___ Maycock v Samuel Husbands

BAR_1783_00 Thomas Maxwell Adams v Margaret Graeme


BER_1689_00 John Hubbard v Capt. James Smailes

BER_1692_00 Isaac Richier v Nicholas Trott

BER_1694_00 Isaac Richier v Lieutenant Governor Goddard

BER_1695_00 Appeal of Samuel Hubbard

BER_1699_01 Martha Johnstowne v William Place

BER_1699_01 Rhoda Place and William Place v Martha Johnstowne

BER_1699_02 More Darrell, by his guardian, Daniel Keel v George Darrell

BER_1700_01 Lewis Johnstowne v Thomas and Mary Burton, et al.

BER_1700_02 Perient Trott, Samuel Trott, and John Trott v Gilbert Nelson

BER_1703_00 Edward Jones v Lieutenant Governor Benjamin Bennet

BER_1707_00 Appeal of Thomas Barrow

BER_1724_00 Samuel Eveleigh v Thomas Brook

BER_1728_00 In re The Fisher

BER_1766_00 Lawrence Furlong v Thomas Smith and John Slater


DOM_1770_00 Robert Malloun v Francis Mashart

DOM_1770_00 Francis Mashart v Robert Malloun

DOM_1773_00 John Fordyce, Andrew Grant, and William Trotter v James Morson

East Florida

EAS_1783_00 Appeal of William Scheviz, Henry Benskin Lightfoot, John Taylor, and William Scott


GRE_1765_00 John Lymburner and Magnus Brash v Richard Burke

GRE_1765_00 Stephen Moore and Hugh Finlay v Richard Burke

GRE_1766_00 David Inglis v Richard Burke

GRE_1770_01 Michael Scott and Maria Martha Victoria Cornette de St. Cyr, his wife v James Brebner and Ninian Home

GRE_1770_02 Charles Philip Clozier, François Clozier Decosteaux, Louis François de Chantenille, Nicholas François de Buret, Charles François Da Raniel, Claude Passé Lamelirie, and Mary Charlotte Clozier, his wife, and Jean François de Vernon v Paul Antoine Dufaur

GRE_1770_03 Lewis Le Jeune and Louise Victoire de Flavigny, his wife v Andrew Irwin


GUI_1782_00 Charles Abraham Du Pasquier v Jean Cornelis Vanden Fleuvel


JAM_1679_00 Francis Mingham v Thomas Martin

JAM_1680_00 Capt. Francis Mingham v Thomas Martin

JAM_1687_00 In re The Swallow

JAM_1688_00 Appeal of Charles Sadler

JAM_1690_01 Appeal of John Towers

JAM_1690_02 Appeal of Appeal of Col. William Ivy, John Towers, Francis Blackmore, Charles Bouchier, James Banister, and William Ivy, jun.

JAM_1691_00 Appeal of George Elletson, Thomas Ryves, and George Reid

JAM_1693_00 Appeal of Sir Richard White

JAM_1707_00 Robert Briscoe v John Hodgings

JAM_1708_01 Sir Charles Orby and Dame Anne Hopegood v Charles Long

JAM_1708_02 James and Thomazine Russell v John Clarke

JAM_1713_00 Penelope Knight v John and Mary Marshall, and Richard and Susanna Gregory

JAM_1716_01 William Axtell, et al. v John Clarke

JAM_1716_02 John Halstead and William Gibbons v Robert Needham

JAM_1716_03 Josiah and Elizabeth Jordan v Thomas and Mary Brayne

JAM_1717_00 Thomas and Elizabeth Roose v Francis Roose, Peter Beckford, Mary Fuller, and Ann Fuller

JAM_1717_00 Thomas Roose, Peter Beckford, and Elizabeth Roose v Edmund and Mary Kelly

JAM_1718_01 William Cockburn v Mr. ___ Beckford

JAM_1718_02 John Morton v John Carver

JAM_1721_00 Edward Pratter v John Chaplin, jun.

JAM_1723_00 Appeal of Stephen Brown

JAM_1725_00 Daniel Axtell v Peter and John Bonfils

JAM_1727_01 John Doe v Thomas Barrett

JAM_1727_01 Thomas Barrett, in behalf of Peter Miller v Barrow Harris

JAM_1727_02 John Charnock, et al. v Dorothy Lloyd

JAM_1727_03 Samuel and Ann Page v Thomas Samms

JAM_1730_00 Solomon de Paz, David Bravo, and Benjamin Bravo v David Gabuy and Isaac Gabuy

JAM_1732_00 Thomas Alden, John and Judith Standish, Alexander and Anne Geikie, and Edward and Elizabeth Brown v Charles Chaplin

JAM_1733_01 Edward Pratter, James Rigby, and Edward Manning v Richard Basnett, John Tymms, and Edmond Hyde

JAM_1733_02 Thomas Garbrand, by Mathias Philip and William Perrin, and Edward Pratter v Robert Strachan, Caleb and Anna Maria Garbrand, by their ‘next friend’, Samuel and Susannah Wallis, Richard Mill, Richard Basnett, Joshua Crosby, and Alexander Brown

JAM_1733_03 John Humphrey v Samuel and Mary Smith

JAM_1734_01 Charles Price and Sarah Price v Ann Price

JAM_1734_02 Lewis Williams v Robert Saunders

JAM_1735_00 John Lewis, Samuel Collett, Richard Fenton, and John Barker v Samuel and Anne Smith, and John Vassall

JAM_1735_00 Samuel Collett, Richard Fenton, and John Barker v Samuel and Anne Smith

JAM_1736_00 Stephen Browne v John Burke and his wife

JAM_1737_00 Dorothy Stout and Mathias Philip v James Stout

JAM_1738_00 John Doe, upon the demise of Lewis, John, and William Williams v Lewis Williams, by Elizabeth Williams

JAM_1739_00 Jacob Mendez Gutturez v William and Sarah Forbes (3 appeals)

JAM_1740_00 Patrick Welsh (revived by James Welsh, Andrew Snow, John Lee, Ignatius Duany, and Dominic Verdon) v Edward Manning, John Ducomyn, Anthony Danvers, Samuel Spencer, William Groves, John Cockran, George Skene, and Isaac Cardell

JAM_1741_01 Bathsua Beckford v William Beckford

JAM_1741_02 Edward Manning v Mathew Concannen

JAM_1742_01 Dennis Kelly v Ann Norris (revived against John Lewis, John Butler, and William and Dorothea Wright)

JAM_1742_02 Rev. Calvin Galpine v Mary Clarke and Fernley Clarke

JAM_1742_02 Mary Clarke and Fernley Clarke v Rev. Calvin Galpine

JAM_1742_03 Charles and Dorothy Brown v Edmund Hyde, and Robert and Jane Hamilton

JAM_1742_03 Edmund Hyde v Charles and Dorothy Brown

JAM_1742_04 Andrew Arcedeckne v James and Jane Blackwood

JAM_1742_05 Anna Shanks Hassall v Robert Foster

JAM_1742_06 Capt. Thomas Mansfield (revived by his widow Katherine), on behalf of himself and of George Fitzgerald and other owners of the Kings Meadow v Mathew Concanen, Advocate General of Jamaica, and Thomas Bontein, naval officer there

JAM_1742_06 John Gray and Benjamin Maynard (later Gray alone) v Thomas Bontein

JAM_1743_01 Mathias Philp v Alexander and Jane Crawford, and Thomas and Mary French

JAM_1743_02 Henry Bradley (revived with Lydia Bradley as party), John Gray, and Benjamin Maynard v Thomas Bontein

JAM_1743_03 John Bennett (later his widow Mary), John Gray, and Benjamin Maynard v Thomas (the first name provided in [566] of APC v.3) Bontein

JAM_1744_01 Mathew and Shirley Concannen v Anne Ellis, John Ellis, William Beckford Ellis, George Ellis, William Beckford, Richard Beckford, and Dorothy Nedham

JAM_1744_02 Abraham Richardson v William, Richard, and Julinus Beckford

JAM_1744_03 William Nedham and Charles Price v Dennis Kelly, Peter Beckford, Richard Mill, Mary Kelly, Henry Kelly, and John Patten

JAM_1744_04 Robert Hamilton, and Jane, Frances, Margaret, and Eleanor Hamilton v Abraham Richardson

JAM_1744_04 Abraham Richardson v Robert Hamilton, and Jane, Frances, Margaret, and Eleanor Hamilton

JAM_1744_05 Abraham Richardson, and Charles and Dorothy Browne v Edmund Hyde, Rose Fuller, and Robert and Jane Hamilton

JAM_1744_06 Abraham Richardson v Thomas Edlyne

JAM_1745_01 Andrew Arcedeckne v Joshua Crosby

JAM_1745_02 Ballard Beckford v Edward Manning

JAM_1746_01 Andrew Arcedeckne v Daniel Monro and Mathias Philp (later William Perrin, Charles Burnett, and Mark Hall, for Mathias Philp)

JAM_1746_02 Isaac Gale v Alexander Strachan, Edward Wilson, Richard Basnett, and the Attorney General

JAM_1746_03 Sarah Williams, James Barclay, and John Lewis v Norwood and Bonilla Witter, and Benjamin and Hannah Blake

JAM_1747_01 Anna Hassall v John Morse

JAM_1747_02 Richard and Milborough Cargill v Edward Hodgins, Gibbons Hodgins, John Speke, and Elizabeth Sutton

JAM_1747_02 John Speke and Elizabeth Sutton v Richard and Milborough Cargill

JAM_1747_03 William Orgill v William Thomas and Thomas Croose

JAM_1748_01 Philip Wilkinson and Daniel Ayrault v Moses Mendez, Abraham Musquitta, Mary Edgar, Patrick Yeamans, and Arthur Hassall

JAM_1748_02 Francis Hals v Benjamin and Elizabeth Hume

JAM_1748_03 William Thomas, Thomas Croose (replaced by Richard Lewing), Mathias Philp, Charles Price, and Thomas Walters v John Dickons, and Alexander and Mary Sutherland

JAM_1748_04 Sarah Elletson v David and Mary Dehany

JAM_1748_05 Samuel Jackson v David Olyphant

JAM_1748_06 James Barclay and John Knight v Frances Rigby and Robert Penny, as Attorney General

JAM_1748_06 James Barclay v Robert Penny, as Attorney General

JAM_1748_07 Alexander McFarlane v Robert Penny, as Attorney General

JAM_1748_08 Collin Campbell v ___ Bucknor

JAM_1749_01 William and Mary Goleborn v Daniel Axtell

JAM_1749_02 Robert Thackeray v Richard Farrill

JAM_1749_03 William Beckford Ellis, by his guardians, Rose Fuller and Richard Beckford v Richard Halked

JAM_1749_04 John Garrioche v James and Mary Uniacke, and Cardiffe Targart

JAM_1749_05 Edmund Duany v Dr. Robert Dallas

JAM_1750_01 Appeal of Catherine Crymble and Roger Crymble

JAM_1750_02 Norwood and Bonella Witter, and Benjamin, jun., and Hannah Blake v John Doe, on the demise of John Sharpe, William Perrin, and Thomas Vaughan

JAM_1751_01 James Barclay v Humphrey Morley

JAM_1751_02 John Bonner v Charles Price

JAM_1751_02 Charles Price v John Bonner (3 appeals)

JAM_1751_03 John Pusey v Edmund Pusey (2 appeals)

JAM_1751_04 David Lord Olyphant v Edward Manning

JAM_1751_05 John Patten (revived by Richard Beckford, Forster March, Stephen Richard Redwood and Francis Hamilton) v Esther Nunes and later also William Aikenhead

JAM_1751_06 James Crean v Thomas and Elizabeth Biggs

JAM_1752_01 William Perrin, Mark Hall, Charles Burnett, and Charles Spencer v Thomas Crowder, James Barclay, Samuel Johnston, John and Mary Wilmore Hatter, Alexander Greig, William Gale, Robert Sawyers, Thomas Reid, Isaac Lamego, Daniel Mendes Da Costa, Aaron Baruh Lousada, Abigail Brandon, Abraham and Jacob Gonsales, Samuel Seagrave, Clement Hoy, Judith De Castro, Moses and Aaron Lamera, John Glen, John and Catherine Hussey, John Morse, Mary Macey, and Caleb Foyster

JAM_1752_02 Alexander McFarlane v Thomas Beach, Attorney General

JAM_1752_02 William Thomas v Thomas Beach, Attorney General (4 appeals)

JAM_1752_02 Patrick Yeamans v Thomas Beach, Attorney General (2 appeals)

JAM_1752_02 Anna Hassall v Thomas Beach, Attorney General

JAM_1752_03 John Spooner (revived by Charles Spooner) v John Cossley, Judith Burrows, and Cossley Hall

JAM_1752_04 James Lawrence v William Tayler and John Wilson

JAM_1753_01 John Bontin v James Innes

JAM_1753_02 Thomas Bontein v Governor Trelawny

JAM_1753_03 Ezekiel Dickinson and Caleb Dickinson v John Doe, on the demise of Alexander McFarlane

JAM_1754_01 Edmund Hyde v Robert and Dorothy Greenlees

JAM_1754_01 Edmund Hyde v Dorothy Greenlees

JAM_1754_02 Zachary Bayly v George Smith

JAM_1755_01 Samuel Gordon, and William and Elizabeth Thomas v Anna Margaretta Hill (2 appeals)

JAM_1755_02 William Foster (revived by James and Martha Spagg) v Augustine Dupouy

JAM_1755_02 Appeal of Margaret Blancau and Dominic Laraldi

JAM_1755_03 Appeal of Thomas Pinnock

JAM_1755_04 William Perrin v Richard Beckford and Richard Lewing

JAM_1756_01 James Barclay v Daniel Monro

JAM_1756_02 Andrew Arcedeckne v Thomas Hall

JAM_1756_03 Joseph Williams v Hannah Beecher

JAM_1756_04 Mary Baillie v Thomas Cussans and John Cussans, by Henry Morgan Byndloss and Thomas Byndloss, as their guardians, and Matthew Gregory and Patrick Taylors

JAM_1756_05 Thomas Powell v Elizabeth Hughes, Walter Hughes, Charles Hughes, and Jennet, Catherine, Joan, and Mary Hughes, children of Stephen Hughes

JAM_1756_05 Thomas Powell v Elizabeth Hughes, Walter Hughes, Charles Hughes, and Jennet, Catherine, Joan, and Mary Hughes, children of Stephen Hughes, and Catherine Hughes, widow of Stephen Hughes

JAM_1756_06 Zachary Bayly v Gifford Rodon

JAM_1758_01 Edmund Hyde v Daniel Monro, James Barclay, Thomas Crowder, and Samuel Gordon

JAM_1758_02 John and Hannah Vanhorne v John Montgomery and Dennis Montgomery, William and Elizabeth Hall, and James and Margaret Campsey

JAM_1758_03 Alexander Graham v William Perrin

JAM_1758_04 Amy Cross v Thomas Nicholas Swigle

JAM_1758_05 John Bell v William Perrin, Charles Spencer, and Mark Hall

JAM_1758_06 John M’Leod and William Patrick Brown v Susannah Elletson and Thomas Hope Elletson

JAM_1758_07 William Perrin (later by his widow, Frances Perrin) v Samuel Malcher and George Hinde

JAM_1759_01 Hannah Blake v Alexander Paterson

JAM_1759_02 Zachary Bayly and Nathaniel Bayly v Peter Furnell

JAM_1759_03 Thomas Peters (later also Thomas Hercey Barritt and Thomas Biggs) v John Bourke, et al.

JAM_1759_03 Sir John Molesworth and Thomas Peters v Thomas Fearon

JAM_1759_04 Francis Delap v Samuel Lindsey

JAM_1759_05 Zachary Bayly v Rev. John Poole, Theodore Stone, and Francis Birbeck

JAM_1759_06 John Weatherby, John Stephens, and Diederich Jacobi v Andrew Rait

JAM_1759_07 Jasper Hall, and John and Lucy Evans v Benjamin Tanner

JAM_1759_08 Samuel Adams v John Nimbhard and William Orgill

JAM_1759_09 Zachary Bayly v Isaac Gale, John Gale, and Mary Samms

JAM_1759_10 Dr. Samuel Ranshin (later revived by Thomas Harper) v David and Elinor Dove

JAM_1759_11 William Beckford, Julinus Beckford, and Rose Fuller v Robert Halked, sen.

JAM_1759_12 Colin M’Kenzie v Dally Jackson Woodhouse, by Peter Woodhouse

JAM_1760_01 Richard Cross v Michael Atkins, John Curtis, Mark Davis, and the Attorney General

JAM_1760_02 Duke of Argyll and Earl of Ilay, Andrew Fletcher (Lord Milton), John Gregory, and Matthew Gregory v William, Earl of Home, and his wife, Elizabeth, Countess of Home

JAM_1761_01 Edmund Hyde v Foster March

JAM_1761_02 Robert Mantle v Charles Le Conte

JAM_1761_02 Charles Le Conte v Robert Mantle

JAM_1761_03 John Harvey v Jasper Hall

JAM_1761_04 Appeal of Vincente Abendana and Don Francisco Xavier da Costa, on behalf of himself, Juan Antonio de la Sierra, and Andres Sesey

JAM_1761_05 Zachary Bayly v Thomas Jackson (2 appeals)

JAM_1761_06 Dr. John Burn v Julia Cole

JAM_1761_07 William Perrin v Theophilact and Florence Blechynden

JAM_1761_08 Richard Bradburne v John McAnuff

JAM_1762_01 Helen Sinclair v Samuel and Sibella Elizabeth Shiffner, and George Papley

JAM_1762_02 Augustin Dupouy v Dominic Laraldi and Margaret Blancau

JAM_1762_02 Margaret Blancau and Dominic Laraldi v Augustin Dupouy

JAM_1762_03 Walter McFarlane and Dr. William McFarlane v Ezekiel Dickinson and Caleb Dickinson, in the name of John Doe

JAM_1763_01 Peter and Gibbons Serjeant v Francis Gale

JAM_1763_02 Zachary Bayly v Attorney General of Jamaica

JAM_1764_01 Zachary Bayly v John Harvie and Alexander Harvie

JAM_1764_02 Mark Hall, Charles Spencer, Malcolm Laing, and William Philp Perrin, by Malcolm Laing as his next friend v George and Christian Anderson, et al.

JAM_1764_03 William Beckford v Samuel Jeake

JAM_1764_04 Henry Israel, jun., v James Innes ex rel. William Donaldson and William Henry Lyttleton

JAM_1764_05 John Doe, lessee of William Perrin and Thomas Vaughan v Norwood Witter

JAM_1764_05 John Doe, lessee of William Perrin and Thomas Vaughan v Hannah Blake

JAM_1765_01 George and Mary Bonynge v John Pusey

JAM_1765_02 Zachary Bayly v James Ord and James Prevost

JAM_1765_03 Augustine Merida and Jacob Bravo v Governor Lyttelton, James Innes, as Advocate General, and Robert Graham

JAM_1765_04 Nicholas Bourke v Matthew Gregory and Foster March

JAM_1766_00 George Bonner v William and Jane Greig

JAM_1767_01 Jasper Hall v Malcolm Laing

JAM_1767_02 Hutchison Mure and Dugald Malcolm v Thomas Fogerty

JAM_1767_03 John Watson and Samuel Gregory v Lettice Laird

JAM_1767_03 Lettice Laird v John Watson and Samuel Gregory

JAM_1767_04 Edward Woollery, William Woollery, John Woollery, and Robert Dunstan Woollery v David and Elizabeth Bernard (revived with Charles Bernard)

JAM_1767_04 Aaron Baruch Lousada (revived with Rachel Baruch Lousada, Benjamin Dias Fernandes, and Jacob Feurtado) v Edward Woollery, William Woollery, John Woollery, and Robert Dunstan Woollery

JAM_1767_04 James Dunn v Edward Woollery, William Woollery, and Robert Dunstan Woollery

JAM_1768_01 Samuel Adams v Henry Stanyford, George Garrett, and John Stevens

JAM_1768_02 John Millward, James Lewis, and Thomas Penoyre v John and Grace Lindsay

JAM_1768_03 William Morris v Charles Kelsal

JAM_1768_04 William Pusey v Sir Simon Clarke

JAM_1768_04 George Bonynge v John Edwards and wife

JAM_1768_05 Jacob Carrillo Saldana v Arthur Forrest

JAM_1768_06 George, William, Thomas, and John Reid, by their guardian, Thomas Reid v Thomas Bourke

JAM_1768_06 George, Thomas, and John Reid v Thomas Bourke

JAM_1768_07 Peter Furnell v John Ashburne

JAM_1769_01 Hutchison Mure and James Kerr v John and Rosa Palmer

JAM_1769_01 Hutchison Mure and James Kerr v Norwood Witter, et al.

JAM_1769_01 John and Rosa Palmer v Hutchison Mure, et al.

JAM_1769_02 David and Mary Cunningham v James Reid

JAM_1769_03 Thomas Rennalls v Isaac Tripier

JAM_1769_04 Mary Hardyman and James Hardyman v Grace Goodin

JAM_1769_05 George and Jane Cussans Richards, and Thomas Cussans v William Miles, John Miles, Philip Miles, and Samuel Alpress

JAM_1769_06 Richard Holden and John Jones v Robert Duff and John Herdman

JAM_1769_07 Esther Swete, Francis Baxter, Charles Gardiner, and Robert Richards v Thomas and Helen Beach, and Janet Sadler

JAM_1770_01 Edward Gardiner v Ann Bennett, George Rosewell Bennett, John Williams, Edward Manning, and William Pullen (with George Paplay, Benjamin Hume, and Charles Spencer later also)

JAM_1770_01 George Rosewell Bennett v Edward Gardiner

JAM_1770_02 William McFarlane and Thomas Priddie v Thomas Hersey Barritt

JAM_1770_03 Thomas Gray, William Lloyd, James Borton, and James Powell v Sarah, Thomas, Samuel, Anthony, Edward, and Lettice Shreyer, and Joseph and Mary Shreyer Williams

JAM_1770_04 James Macqueen, John Macqueen, Euphine Macqueen, John Hanbury Taylor, George Richards, and Walter Grant v Simon Taylor and John Taylor

JAM_1770_04 Gilbert and Ann Mathison, John Kinlock, William Harris, Charles Mitchell, William Mitchell, and George Hanbury Mitchell v Simon Taylor and John Taylor

JAM_1770_04 Simon Taylor v Roger Hope Elletson, James Ord, and Peter Prevost

JAM_1770_05 David Rieusset, Leeson Blackwood, Thomas Thomas, and Yvon Thomas v Dr. Thomas Cockburn and Sarah, his wife

JAM_1770_06 James Hardyman and Mary Hardyman v Richard James Lawrence, James Lawrence, Thomas Hibbert Montague, James Bernard, and Charles Bernard

JAM_1770_06 Richard James Lawrence, James Lawrence, Thomas Hibbert Montague, James Bernard, and Charles Bernard v James Hardyman and Mary Hardyman

JAM_1770_06 Appeal of James Hardyman

JAM_1770_07 Jane Stone v Robert Wadham Spragge and James Trower

JAM_1770_07 Robert Wadham Spragge and James Trower v Jane Stone

JAM_1771_01 Jeremiah Meyler and Charles Hall v Arnold Nesbitt and Moses Franks

JAM_1771_02 Jasper Hall v Alexander Hood and Bryan Edwards (2 appeals)

JAM_1771_02 Nicholas Bourke, Jasper Hall, Henry Livingston, Philip Livingston, and Charles Dawes, jun. v Alexander Hood, et al. (2 appeals)

JAM_1771_02 Appeal of Patrick Lynch

JAM_1771_02 Appeal of Jasper Hall (2 appeals)

JAM_1771_02 Appeal of John Armistead

JAM_1771_02 Elizabeth Bourke, John and Thomas Bourke, Charles Palmer, Jasper Hall, William Patrick Browne, Richard Welch, Robert Cooper Lee, and James McCabe v Alexander Hood, Bryan Edwards, and John Woolfreys

JAM_1771_03 Elizabeth Jones and Luke Lightfoot v Jasper Hall

JAM_1771_03 Elizabeth Jones and Luke Lightfoot v Jasper Hall and John Reid

JAM_1771_04 William Beckford and Peter Beckford v Alexander Ross, John Nixon, and Marmaduke Hilton

JAM_1771_05 Appeal of John Vernon, John Pigot, and Richard Drakeford

JAM_1772_01 Thomas Crowder v Nicholas Bourke, Jasper Hall, and Lucius and Fanny Tucker

JAM_1772_02 Mary Ballard Beckford, by Donald Campbell v Sarah, Thomas, Samuel, Anthony, and Edward Shreyer

JAM_1772_03 Keylock Rusden, William Reynolds, Thomas Gowland, William Smith, et al. v Daniel Macleane

JAM_1772_04 James Stirling and William Anderson v Richard Welsh, Attorney General, on behalf of Robert Poultney

JAM_1772_05 James Ord and James Prevost (revived, replacing James with John Ord) v Don Pedro Joachin de Rotaldi and Esprit Barrall

JAM_1773_01 Samuel Smith v John Cargill, Thomas Cargill, Robert Cargill, and John McDonald

JAM_1773_02 Abraham Solomons v Sarah Israel

JAM_1773_03 Thomas Cussans v Richard Cargill, John Cargill, Thomas Cargill, and John Macdonald

JAM_1773_04 James Borton and William Beckford Ellis, by his guardian, James Borton v Angus Campbell

JAM_1774_01 Sir Simon Clarke v John and Mary Reid

JAM_1774_02 William Harvey, Walter and Ann Harvey Farquhar, Thomas and Milborough Harvey McLean, Elizabeth Harvey, and Thomas and Elizabeth Harvey, by their guardian, William Harvey v Daniel Lascelles

JAM_1774_03 John and Rosa Palmer v Barlow Trecothick

JAM_1774_04 Nathaniel Philips, Philip Pinnock, and Susannah Hyde v Sir Edward Hughes

JAM_1774_05 Stephen Attlay v Sarah Tiplar (later George Clinton)

JAM_1775_01 Samuel Williams Haughton and Margaret Bonella Haughton v Hannah Blake

JAM_1775_02 Sir Richard Bickerton v Jasper Hall and George Paplay

JAM_1775_02 Jasper Hall v Sir Richard Bickerton

JAM_1776_00 Tristram and Dorothy Ratcliffe, and Mary Read, by her guardian v Richard Huggins Read

JAM_1777_01 James Rowe v William Harvie

JAM_1777_02 Mary Hiscutt and Dr. William Mann v Fortunatus Dwarris (revived by Hiscutt and Isaac Lascells Winn)

JAM_1777_03 Robert Watts v Frances Elizabeth Watts, by Adam Hobkirk

JAM_1777_04 William Jackson and Richard Thomas v John Lamond

JAM_1777_05 William Perrin and Thomas Vaughan v Hannah Blake

JAM_1777_05 William Perrin and Thomas Vaughan v Norwood Witter

JAM_1777_06 Peter Serjeant v Thomas Hibbert

JAM_1777_07 John and Mary Roberts v Milbee Johnson, Francis Boyce, Edward Chaplin, Stephen Charles Craford, and Elizabeth Truxton

JAM_1779_01 Rev. Dr. John and Grace Lindsay v Dr. Charles Wake and William Mathew Burt

JAM_1779_01 Humphrey Sturt and William Beckford v Dr. Charles Wake, William Mathew Burt, and William Beckford

JAM_1779_02 John Gardner Kemeys, James Clitherow, Paul Feilde, and Joseph Banks v Dame Ann Clark, Richard Brissett, and Benjamin Lyon

JAM_1779_03 James Hardyman v Thomas Harrison, Attorney General

JAM_1780_01 Thomas Harrison, Attorney General v Thomas Barker

JAM_1780_02 John Parkinson v Thomas Parkinson, John Myrie, George Robert Goodin, and Thomas Harrison, Attorney General

JAM_1780_02 John Parkinson, John Myrie, and George Robert Goodin v Thomas Harrison, Attorney General

JAM_1780_03 Jasper Hall and Philip Livingston v Attorney General

JAM_1781_01 George and Grace Pinnock v Mary Dickson

JAM_1781_02 Thomas Harrison, Attorney General v James Elford

JAM_1782_01 William and Joan Jackson v James and Johanna Wildman

JAM_1782_02 Elizabeth Edlyne v Robert Bontine

JAM_1782_03 Samuel Hurlock v Duncan Davidson

JAM_1783_01 James, Duke of Chandos, and Anna Eliza, Duchess of Chandos v Walrond and Mary Fearon

JAM_1783_02 Alexander and Mary Forbes, Alexander McRae, and James Lewis v Samuel Gregory, John Watson, and Thomas Hibbert

JAM_1783_03 Sir Charles Price v Abel Smith, Rene Payne, and Robert Smith

JAM_1783_04 Thomas Cargill v William Beckford

JAM_1783_05 John Mead v Robert McGhie


MON_1714_00 Anthony and Mary Revell v George Lyddell

MON_1728_00 Bartholomew and Margaret Lynch v David Gallway

MON_1743_00 Harry Webb, Isaac Hobhouse, John Paine, Dominick Trant, Thomas Mead, George French, Peter Lee, and Robert Webb v Michael and Catherine Tully, Sarah Lynch, Mary Lynch, and Catherine Molineux

MON_1745_00 Anthony Hodges v Anthony Fox, in the name of John Dean

MON_1747_00 Patrick Roch v Rev. Edward Gaillardy

MON_1748_00 Appeal of Samuel Lowman

MON_1764_00 Thomas Dubery and William Irish v Henry M’David

MON_1767_00 Walter Tullideph v Bethia Symes, John and Elizabeth Symes, Thomas Dorsett, William French, Alexander Willcock, and Walter Skerrett

MON_1769_00 George Scandret and William Anderton v Michael White and Harry Webb

MON_1770_00 Felix Doran, John Kirwan, William Irish, Charles Molineux, and Charles O’Gara v Richard Farrill

MON_1771_00 Appeal of Michael Brislane

MON_1783_00 Thomas Hakey, Peter Cazalet, Charles Dalbiac, and Peter Robert Luard v James Schaw, William Musgrave, William Irish, Charles Molineux, and Crisp Molineux


NEV_1674_00 Capt. John Rodney v Thomas Cole

NEV_1686_00 Appeal of Thomas Cooke

NEV_1697_00 Anthony Peterson v Christian [Peterson]

NEV_1701_00 Appeal of William Mead

NEV_1701_00 Appeal of William and Mary Shipman, and Thomas Harvey, by William Shipman, his guardian

NEV_1702_00 In re The Swan

NEV_1724_00 Margaret Cressey v John and Mary Fausset

NEV_1730_00 Philip and Ann De Witt v Edward and Ann Abbott

NEV_1740_01 Tobias Wall v Edward Jessup

NEV_1740_02 John Woodley v James Gordon and William Wells

NEV_1753_00 Lucas Rodriguez v John Scholes

NEV_1759_00 Andrew Denn, Richard Denn, and John Denn v Horatio Herbert

NEV_1761_00 David Chollet v Alexander Mackay

NEV_1764_00 George Webbe, jun., and John Richardson Herbert v John Bourke

NEV_1779_00 Matthew Craymer v John Bertrand


NEW_1761_00 Lawrence Hearn v Henry Gapper and James Young

NEW_1764_00 Hezekiah Thurman v Hugh Palliser

NEW_1769_00 Edmund Shannahan v Alexander Dunn

Nova Scotia

NOV_1758_00 John Mascall and others v John Scaife

NOV_1760_00 John Grant v Henry Newton

NOV_1762_00 James Major, James Le Roy, and Nicholas Le Mesurier, for James and John Le Roy v Henry Newton and Thomas Burnet

NOV_1765_00 Nicholas Enouf v Henry Newton and Thomas Haywood

NOV_1768_00 Isaac Seguin (revived by Ann Seguin) v William Nesbitt, Henry Newton, Thomas Hayward, and Henry Hervey

NOV_1769_00 John Wilson v William Nesbitt and Thomas Francis

NOV_1778_00 Henry Lynch v Henry Mowat

NOV_1781_00 William Lovegrove v Jonathan Binney and Thomas Peart


QUE_1763_00 William Johnstone v Sieur Houdin

QUE_1765_00 Nicholas Enouf v George Suckling, at the instance of Thomas Ainsley

QUE_1767_01 John Ord, Jacob Rowe, and William James v Anthony Peter Houdin

QUE_1767_02 Gabriel Christie v Francis Noble Knipe and John Le Quesne

QUE_1767_02 Gabriel Christie v Francis Noble Knipe

QUE_1768_00 Eleazer Levy v Ralph Burton (revived by Robert Burton), Daniel Disney, Daniel Robertson, and William Jones

QUE_1781_00 Conrad Gugy v François le Maître Dueme

QUE_1781_00 Ursuline Nuns v François le Maître Dueme

QUE_1783_01 Adam Lymburner v John Melvin and Meredith Wills

QUE_1783_02 William Taylor and George Forsyth v James Monk

St. Christopher (St. Kits)

STC_1704_00 Appeal of Peter Van Belle

STC_1719_00 Appeal of Stephen Cabibell, Peter Soulgre (Soulegre), and William Harris

STC_1721_00 Catherine, Benjamin, and Daniel Lambert, by Peter Thomas and William Woodley v John Spooner

STC_1724_00 William Fry v Hermanus Trebeck

STC_1725_00 Sarah Meynell v William Byam

STC_1727_00 Charles and Jennet Paine, Nathaniel and Christian Paine, and Margaret MacArthur v Anne De Witt, Dorothy Bontinan, and Elizabeth Guithen

STC_1732_00 Sir William Codrington v Benjamin and Ann Markham

STC_1732_00 Benjamin and Ann Markham v Sir William Codrington

STC_1736_01 Benjamin Estridge and William Estridge v Rev. John Tittle

STC_1736_01 Rev. John Tittle v Benjamin Estridge and William Estridge

STC_1736_02 Michael Arnold v Gilbert Fleming, Mary Symonds, and Thomas Bowry

STC_1737_00 Augustus Boyd and John Denn v Anthony Johnson, William Machan, Richard Emery, William Hart, Joseph King, John Johnson, Isaac Thomas, Christopher Dean, and Anne Cameron

STC_1738_00 William and Elizabeth Ottley, and Margaret Willett v John Denn

STC_1743_01 James Bunyard v James Losack

STC_1743_02 William and Elizabeth Ottley, and Margaret Willett v Martin Blake

STC_1744_00 Rev. John Tittle v John White

STC_1746_01 Henry Brouncker v Ashton Warner

STC_1746_02 Appeal of Edward Brownett, on behalf of Thomas Ottley, John Douglas, and William Buckley

STC_1750_00 John Mills, Matthew Mills, and Richard Roe v William Ottley and Margaret Willett

STC_1753_01 Thomas Young v Nicholas Dunbabbin

STC_1753_02 Wavel Smith and Savile Cust v William Buckley

STC_1754_01 John Mills, by Thomas Mills, as attorney, Peter Mathew Mills, by Cornelia Mills, Peter Soulegre, Thomas Mills and John Mills, as his four guardians, John Mills, Cornelia Mills, Peter Soulegre, Thomas Mills, and Richard Goodright v George Bryan

STC_1754_02 William and Elizabeth Wells v Richard Wilson and Anthony Wharton

STC_1756_00 Jackson Brown v Henry Sharpe, George Maxwell, Henry Lascelles, Lord and Lady Cranstoun, William Cranstoun and Brown Cranstoun, the latter two by Henry Sharpe, as next friend, Anthony and Elizabeth Hodges, Jeremiah Hodges, and Anthony Hodges

STC_1757_00 Rev. John Tittle v William Coleman

STC_1758_00 Thomas Joyner v Stephen Payne

STC_1760_00 John Willet v Alexander Home

STC_1761_00 Benjamin Herriott and John Willett v Alexander Home

STC_1764_00 John Barker v Anthony Somersall

STC_1764_00 John McPherson v Anthony Somersall

STC_1767_00 William Coleman v Thomas Truman, and Abednego and Jane Matthew, et al.

STC_1767_00 Thomas Truman, and Abednego and Jane Matthew v William Coleman

STC_1768_00 Robert Mitchell and George Scott v John Tasker

STC_1770_00 William Wharton, Joseph King, William Feuilleteau, Aretas Akers, Christopher Mardenbrough and Henry Seaton v James St. John and Henry Berkeley

STC_1770_00 John Gardiner v John Fahie

STC_1770_00 John Gardiner v James St. John

STC_1777_01 Appeal of William Mathew Burt

STC_1777_02 Henry Cruger, sen., v William Garnier

STC_1780_00 William Pyle and Lucas Berners v Henry Bennett

St. Vincent

STV_1769_00 Harry Smith v Richard Ottley


TOB_1782_00 Appeal of Peter Franklyn


TOR_1780_00 Jacob Schwartzkopff v Henry Mears

West Florida

WES_1766_00 Daniel Clarke v Maj. [Robert] Farmer

WES_1773_00 Samuel Thomas and Phillips Comyn v John Campbell

WES_1779_00 Elias Durnford v Alexander Macullagh