Appeals to the Privy Council from the
Caribbean and Canadian Colonies
Report No. JAM_1783_01

Chandos v Fearon



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James, Duke of Chandos, and Anna Eliza, Duchess of Chandos v Walrond and Mary Fearon


Acts of the Privy Council, Colonial Series


APC Citation  

v.5 [433] p.527 (5 March 1783 – 25 July 1783)

  PC Register Citation

George III v.21 (Oct. 1782 – Dec. 1783) p.202–203, 258, 360–377, 386: PC 2/128/202–203, 258, 360–377, 386–387



Colonial Courts


Supreme Court – Nov. 1781


Lieutenant Governor and Council as a Court of Appeals – 27–30 Nov. 1782



Brydges (formerly Elletson), Anna Eliza, duchess of Chandos, appellant (wife of James, widow of Roger Hope Elletson)


Brydges, James, duke of Chandos, appellant (husband of Anna Eliza)


Callender, Elizabeth – see Grant, Elizabeth


Chandos, Anna Eliza, duchess of – see Brydges, Anna Eliza


Chandos, James, duke of – see Brydges, James


Edlyne, Mary – see Fearon, Mary


Edlyne, Thomas ([?half] brother of Richard Elletson, father of Mary [now Mary Fearon])


Elletson, Anna Eliza – see Brydges, Anna Eliza


Elletson, Anna Petronella – see Ord, Anna Petronella


Elletson, Richard (husband of Susannah, son of Thomas Hope, Roger Hope, and Anna Petronella [now Anna Petronella Ord], [?half] brother of Thomas Edlyne)


Elletson, Roger Hope, deceased (son of Richard)


Elletson, Susannah (wife of Richard)


Elletson, Thomas Hope (son of Richard)


Fearon (née Edlyne), Mary (wife of Walrond, daughter of Thomas Edlyne)


Fearon, Walrond (husband of Mary)


Grant, Sir Archibald, baronet (husband of Elizabeth)


Grant (formerly Callender), Elizabeth (wife of Archibald)


Hassall (née Shanks), Anna


Hilton, Marmaduke


Mitchell, David


Ord (née Elletson), Anna Petronella (wife of James)


Ord, James (husband of Anna Petronella Ord)


Prevost, James


Shanks, Anna – see Hassall, Anna


Shanks, Sarah


Venn, Rev. John



Concerning land.


Judgments reversed.


The seeming discrepancy between the listing of the colonial courts and the dates of the proceedings given in the APC and those given in Grant’s report (below, Documentation) merits further exploration in the latter.

Fuller names for the appellants are as follows: Anna Eliza Gamon Elletson Brydges, Duchess of Chandos; James Brydges, 3rd Duke of Chandos. For further information see Linda L. Sturtz, “The ‘Dimduke’ and the Duchess of Chandos: Gender and Power in Jamaican Plantation Managment – A Case Study or, A Different Story of ‘A Man [and his wife] from a place called Hope’,” available online.

As noted in the Introduction, many names of enslaved persons appear in the underlying documentation of the PC cases. This one has a particularly full list that appears in PC 2/128/368–369, which we transcribe here preserving the original capitalization and punctuation: “That in August Grand Court 1781, the said Walrond Fearon and Mary his wife also brought an Action in replevin against the Appellants for the following Negro and other Slaves to wit Old Tony My Lord Pera, Boatswain Quamina Oxford Little Wackey Perington Whancka’s Roger Bob Crokatt Emanuel Jessamine Guy Monimia Tony Juba’s Robert Moll’s Will Wiltshire, Primus Jemsay Franky’s Quashee Benebas Cudjoe Phebes Jone Maron’s Cudjoe Cuba’s Harry Billy Thomas Cooper Cuffee Cooper Pompey Catalin’s Ralph Simpey Davey Pshysees Charles Smith Tom Dublin Sambo Will Toby Kingo Doctor Harvey Coachman Roger Philip Charles Marina Black Amba Lynda Lydda Hora Angola’s Sarah Mingos Juba, Coromantine Daphne Frankey Jack’s Amba Dicks Cuba Nanny Tilly Cretia Kate’s Rose Charitys Moll Sappho Roses Charity Old Amber’s Maria Case’s Phyche Juba’s Yabba Judy’s Catalina Franky’s Rose Spike’s Juba Little Medgey Nennios, Barbary Juba’s Polly Catalins Batty Amey Phebe’s Franky Long Phebe’s Cynthia Mary Venus Jenny Physche’s Physche Franky Juno Juba Hope’s Abbah Dolly Esther Cuba’s Bella Hagar Betty Pierce, Little Bess Sally Hitty Molly Nago Chloe My Lords Rose and Franky to which Action in Replevin the Appellants also appeared and pleaded not Guilty –”


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Other Documents

Other DocumentsSome of the actions below are reported in Notes of Cases Adjudged in Jamaica, May 1774 to Dec. 1787 (Edinburgh: Adam Neill and Company, [1794]) (reported by John Grant, esq., late chief-justice of the Grand Court of Jamaica), p.64–68 (10 Dec. Grand Court 1781, arguments of counsel and report of the jury verdict and its affirmation by the Court of Error). 
Library Ames Foundation: (4 pages) (Source: Harvard Law School Library through the Harvard Library Viewer.)


Other DocumentsId. at 71–73 (10 Dec. 1782, on motion from the Court of Error). 
Library Ames Foundation: (2 pages) (Source: Harvard Law School Library through the Harvard Library Viewer.)


Other DocumentsId. at 173–174 (1 Nov. 1784, on writ of enquiry to assess damages). 
Library Ames Foundation: (2 pages) (Source: Harvard Law School Library through the Harvard Library Viewer.)