Appeals to the Privy Council from the
Caribbean and Canadian Colonies
Report No. JAM_1754_01

Hyde v Greenlees

Hyde v Greenlees



Case Name Long

Edmund Hyde v Robert and Dorothy Greenlees

Case Name Long

Edmund Hyde v Dorothy Greenlees


Acts of the Privy Council, Colonial Series


APC Citation  

v.4 [232] p.243–244 (28 March 1754 – 7 July 1756)

  PC Register Citation

George II v.15 (1 Jan. 1754 – 31 Dec. 1755) p.102–103, 108, 122, 125–126, 157–158, 370, 379: PC 2/104/102–103, 108, 122, 125–126, 157–158, 370, 379


  PC Register Citation

George II v.16 (1 Jan. 1756 – 31 Dec. 1757) p.55, 135, 210–218, 246: PC 2/105/55, 135, 210–218, 246



Colonial Courts


Chancery – 23 Feb., 1 March, 19 April, and 3 May 1753


Chancery – 17 May 1754



Brown, Charles, presumed deceased (husband of Dorothy [now Dorothy Greenlees])


Brown, Dorothy – see Greenlees, Dorothy


Garth, James


Garth, Jane – see Hamilton, Jane


Greenlees (formerly Mitchell, Brown, and Stout), Dorothy, later widow, respondent (wife/widow and executrix of Robert, ?widow of Thomas Mitchell [2], Charles Brown, and Henry Stout)


Greenlees, Robert, respondent, later deceased (husband of Dorothy)


Grove, Mr. ___


Hamersley, Hugh, of Lincoln’s Inn


Hamilton (or Mitchell or Miller or Garth), Jane


Hamilton, Robert


Hitchcock, Giles, of Chancery Lane


Hyde, Edmund, esquire, appellant


Knowles, Charles, governor


Miller, Jane – see Hamilton, Jane


Miller, Pauncefort


Mitchell, Dorothy – see Greenlees, Dorothy


Mitchell, Frances


Mitchell, Jane – see Hamilton, Jane


Mitchell, Thomas (1), senr.


Mitchell, Thomas (2), junr., presumed deceased (husband of Dorothy [now Dorothy Greenlees])


Morice, Humphrey


Richardson, Abraham


Spencer, ___


Stout, Dorothy – see Greenlees, Dorothy


Stout, Henry, presumed deceased (husband of Dorothy [now Dorothy Greenlees])



Concerning payment.


Earlier orders reversed, last one affirmed with additional orders for repayment but no costs on either side.


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