Appeals to the Privy Council from the
Caribbean and Canadian Colonies
Report No. ANT_1738_01

Wilcox v Royal



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Peter Wilcox, Giles Wilcox, Anne Reynolds, Francis and Sarah Hamilton, and Lydia Stephens v Isaac Royal and Richard Roe


Acts of the Privy Council, Colonial Series


APC Citation  

v.3 [446] p.614–615 (25 July 1738 – 31 July 1738)

  PC Register Citation

George II v.5 (1 Oct. 1736 – 4 Sept. 1738) p.600, 607–608, 615: PC 2/94/600, 607–608, 615



Colonial Courts


Court of King's Bench and Common Pleas – 19 June 1734


Court of Errors – 2 Jan. 1735



Hamilton, Francis, appellant (husband of Sarah)


Hamilton, Sarah, appellant (wife of Francis)


Reynolds, Anne, appellant


Roe, Richard, respondent (lessee of Isaac Royal)


Royal, Isaac, esquire, respondent


Stephens, Lydia, appellant


Wilcox, Giles, appellant


Wilcox, Peter, appellant





Dismissed for non-prosecution with costs.

References in Smith, Appeals to the Privy Council from the American Plantations

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