Appeals to the Privy Council from the
Caribbean and Canadian Colonies
Report No. JAM_1750_02

Witter v Doe



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Norwood and Bonella Witter, and Benjamin, jun., and Hannah Blake v John Doe, on the demise of John Sharpe, William Perrin, and Thomas Vaughan


Acts of the Privy Council, Colonial Series


APC Citation  

v.4 [142] p.110–111 (6 Dec. 1750 – 20 Dec. 1752)

  PC Register Citation

George II v.13 (1 May 1750 – 30 March 1752) p.113–114: PC 2/102/113–114


  PC Register Citation

George II v.14 (1 April 1752 – 31 Dec. 1753) p.215, 218–233, 260: PC 2/103/215, 218–233, 260



Colonial Courts


Supreme Court of Judicature – Feb. 1747


Court of Errors – 17 Dec. 1749



Blake, Benjamin, jun., esquire, of Westmoreland parish, Jamaica, appellant (husband of Hannah)


Blake (née Williams), Hannah, appellant (wife of Benjamin, daughter of William Williams)


Cleaver, Samuel


Doe, John, respondent


Gale, Isaac (brother-in-law of William Williams)


Gale, John


Gale, Jonathan


Garbrand, ___


Hamersley, Hugh, of the Inner Temple, London


Hooper, Philip


Knight, James, of Stoke Newington


Knight, John, of Stoke Newington


Knight, Sarah – see Williams, Sarah


Lewis, Barnard


Lynch, Michael


Pennant, Samuel, of London


Perrin, William, respondent, deceased (trustee of Sarah Williams)


Poyntzes, ___


Sharpe, John, esquire, respondent, deceased (trustee of Sarah Williams)


Vaughan, Thomas, gentleman, respondent, deceased (trustee of Sarah Williams)


Williams, Anna, infant, deceased (daughter of William)


Williams, Bonella – see Witter, Bonella


Williams, Hannah – see Blake, Hannah


Williams, John, later deceased (husband of Sarah)


Williams, Lewis


Williams, Mary (widow of William)


Williams (née Knight), Sarah, widow (widow of John)


Williams, William, planter (husband of Mary, father of John, Anna, Bonella [now Bonella Witter], and Hannah [now Hannah Blake], brother-in-law of Isaac Gale)


Witter (née Williams), Bonella, appellant (wife of Norwood, daughter of William Williams)


Witter, Norwood, esquire, of Westmoreland parish, Jamaica, appellant (husband of Bonella)


Wollery, Thomas, sen.



Concerning trepass/ejectment, a will, and indentures.


Judgment reversed without prejudice.


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“Poyntzes and Garbrand” (see PC 2/103/219) are slave-buyers; the name could indicate a company rather than two individuals.


Printed Cases

Respondent’s case

Case of the respondent (John Doe, John Sharpe, and William Perrin v Norwood and Bonella Witter, and Benjamin and Hannah Blake)


W. Murray; A. Hume-Campbell


Law Library of Congress: (Sir George Lee Collection) (Printed date on dorse 21 November 1752; no manuscript notes or underlinings.)



Privy Council Documents in PC 1 at The National Archives at Kew


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