Appeals to the Privy Council from the
Caribbean and Canadian Colonies
Report No. JAM_1752_01

Perrin v Crowder



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William Perrin, Mark Hall, Charles Burnett, and Charles Spencer v Thomas Crowder, James Barclay, Samuel Johnston, John and Mary Wilmore Hatter, Alexander Greig, William Gale, Robert Sawyers, Thomas Reid, Isaac Lamego, Daniel Mendes Da Costa, Aaron Baruh Lousada, Abigail Brandon, Abraham and Jacob Gonsales, Samuel Seagrave, Clement Hoy, Judith De Castro, Moses and Aaron Lamera, John Glen, John and Catherine Hussey, John Morse, Mary Macey, and Caleb Foyster


Acts of the Privy Council, Colonial Series


APC Citation  

v.4 [163] p.151 (14 Jan. 1752 – 30 June 1752)

  PC Register Citation

George II v.13 (1 May 1750 – 30 March 1752) p.433–434: PC 2/102/433–434


  PC Register Citation

George II v.14 (1 April 1752 – 31 Dec. 1753) p.154–155: PC 2/103/154–155



Colonial Courts


Governor as Chancellor – 24 May 1751



Barclay, James, merchant, respondent


Brandon, Abigail, respondent (widow and executrix of Isaac Pereira)


Brandon, Isaac Pereira, deceased (husband of Abigail)


Burnett, Charles, appellant (executor of Mathias Philp)


Castro, Jacob De, deceased


Castro, Judith De, respondent (?widow and ?executrix of Jacob)


Crowder, Thomas, merchant, respondent


Foyster, Caleb, respondent


Gale, Hon. John, esquire, deceased


Gale, William, gentleman, respondent (executor of John Gale)


Glen, John, respondent


Gonsales, Abraham, respondent


Gonsales, Jacob, respondent


Greig, Alexander, practitioner in physick and surgery, respondent


Hall, Mark, appellant (executor of Mathias Philp)


Hatter, John Wilmore, respondent (husband of Mary, executor of John Gale)


Hatter, Mary, respondent (wife of John Wilmore Hatter, executrix of John Gale)


Hoy, Clement, respondent (executor of Thomas)


Hoy, Thomas, deceased


Hussey, Catherine, respondent (wife of John, executrix of John Needy)


Hussey, John, respondent (husband of Catherine)


Johnston, Samuel, merchant, respondent


Lamego, Isaac, respondent


Lamera, Aaron, respondent (executor of Jacob De Castro)


Lamera, Moses, respondent (executor of Jacob De Castro)


Lousada, Aaron Baruh, respondent


Macey, Mary, respondent


Mendes Da Costa, Daniel, respondent


Morse, John, respondent


Needy, John, deceased


Perrin, William, appellant (executor and residuary devisee of Mathias Philp)


Philp, Mathias, esquire, deceased


Reid, Thomas, practitioner in physick and surgery, respondent


Sawyers, Robert, gentleman, respondent (executor of John Gale)


Seagrave, Samuel, respondent


Spencer, Charles, esquire, appellant (executor of Mathias Philp)



Concerning debt/creditors.


Not stated in the Acts of the Privy Council, Colonial Series.


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