Appeals to the Privy Council from the
Caribbean and Canadian Colonies
Report No. QUE_1767_02

Christie v Knipe

Christie v Knipe



Case Name Long

Gabriel Christie v Francis Noble Knipe and John Le Quesne

Case Name Long

Gabriel Christie v Francis Noble Knipe


Acts of the Privy Council, Colonial Series


APC Citation  

v.5 [55] p.121–122 (23 Dec. 1767 – 13 June 1768)

  PC Register Citation

George III v.5 (Aug. 1766 – Jan. 1768) p.493, 538: PC 2/112/493, 538


  PC Register Citation

George III v.6 (Jan. 1768 – April 1769) p.3, 183–191, 203: PC 2/113/3, 183–191, 203



Colonial Courts


Supreme Court – 14 Sept. 1765


Lieutenant Governor and Council of Quebec – 29 Dec. 1766



Burton, Brigadier General [Ralph], governor of Montreal


Christie, Gabriel, deputy quartermaster general in North America, appellant


Gregory, Hon. William, esquire, chief justice


Knipe, Francis Noble, merchant, of Montreal, respondent


Le Breton (?same as Le Quesne), ___


Le Quesne, John, merchant, of Montreal, respondent



Trespass by impressing another’s employees.


Judgments reversed and actions dismissed.

References in Smith, Appeals to the Privy Council from the American Plantations

Table of Cases (Christie v Knipe and Le Quesne)


Printed Cases

Appellant’s case

Case of the appellant (Gabriel Christie v Francis Noble Knipe and John Le Quesne)


C. Yorke; Flr. Norton


British Library: (Hardwicke Papers) Additional Manuscripts 36220 f.155r–162v (Printed/manuscript date on dorse 31 May 1768, with note “Judgments in both Cases moved generally.” Manuscript notes and underlining throughout. Followed by manuscript “Additional Observations” (f.159r–160v) and counsel notes (f.161r–162v).)



Privy Council Documents in PC 1 at The National Archives at Kew

TNA Document Committee report – 31 May 1768 (PC 1/59/6/1) view_Document
Catalogued as

Quebec, Canada: Appeal of Christie v Knipe; committee report in duplicate

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Other Documents

Other DocumentsPetition of Appellant 
Library British Library: (Hardwicke Papers) Additional Manuscripts 15491 f.11–15 (Manuscript catalogued by the BL as “Brief of a case between Lieut Col Gabriel Christie, Appt, and Francis N Knipe and John Le Quesne, respts, at Quebec, 1766.” It is said to be found on f.11–15, but there are only nine images. It is hard to tell from the images what is recto and what is verso, but the image that follows the dorse of the document is clearly marked as f.16[r]. It is possible that f.11r is blank and not photographed, or that the foliation, which is modern, was expanded to accommodate the insertion of a document with an uneven number of pages. What we have seems to be complete. The first image is entitled “Petition of the appellant,” and that seems to be what it is. The dorse of the last image, however, describes the document as the brief of the appellant. It is attested by Yorke and Norton and may have served as an appendix to their printed case.)