Appeals to the Privy Council from the
Caribbean and Canadian Colonies
Report No. JAM_1769_07

Swete v Beach



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Esther Swete, Francis Baxter, Charles Gardiner, and Robert Richards v Thomas and Helen Beach, and Janet Sadler


Acts of the Privy Council, Colonial Series


APC Citation  

v.5 [132] p.217 (29 Nov. 1769 – 19 July 1771)

  PC Register Citation

George III v.7 (May 1769 – Dec. 1770) p.155–156, 259–260: PC 2/114/155–156, 259–260


  PC Register Citation

George III v.8 (Jan. 1771 – Dec. 1771) p.304–314, 340–341: PC 2/115/304–314, 340–341



Colonial Courts


Chancellor – 18 Feb. 1769



Baxter, Francis, appellant (executor of Mary Hynes [2])


Beach (née Hynes), Helen, respondent (wife of Thomas, daughter of Janet Hynes)


Beach, Thomas, respondent (husband of Helen)


Beckford, Anne


Beckford, William (mortgagee of Mary Hynes [2])


Bennett, Bridget


Bennett, George


Brayne, Charles (father of Mary [now Mary Hynes [1]])


Brayne, Mary – see Hynes, Mary (1)


Dawkins, Henry


Elletson (née Hynes), Elizabeth, deceased (daughter of Janet Hynes)


Gardiner, Charles, appellant (executor of Mary Hynes [2])


Guthrie, Elizabeth


Guthrie, Helen


Guthrie, James (father of Janet [now Janet Hynes])


Guthrie, Janet – see Sadler, Janet


Guthrie, John


Guthrie, Mary


Hall, Mary (wife of William)


Hall, William (husband of Mary)


Hayman, William


Hynes, Elizabeth, deceased – see Elletson, Elizabeth


Hynes, Helen – see Beach, Helen


Hynes, Janet – see Sadler, Janet


Hynes, John, deceased (husband of Janet, former husband of Mary [1], father of Mary [2])


Hynes (née Brayne), Mary (1), presumed deceased (wife of John, daughter of Charles Brayne)


Hynes, Mary (2), deceased (daughter of John, mortgagor of Peter Beckford, residuary devisor and legator of Esther Swete)


Pratter, Edward


Richards, Robert, of Kingston, appellant (administrator of Mary Hynes [2])


Sadler (née Guthrie, formerly Hynes), Janet, respondent (widow of John Hynes, daughter of James Guthrie, mother of Elizabeth Elletson and Helen Beach)


Swete, Esther, widow, appellant (residuary devisee and legatee of Mary Hynes [2])


Trelawny, Sir William, governor (cousin of Edward)


Turner, [Samuel], alderman of London


West, John





Order reversed with costs.


See the Introduction on Montpelier Estate in the Digital Archaeological Archive of Comparative Slavery for reference to Janet Sadler.


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Jamaica, West Indies: Report of committee on appeal Swete v Beach

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