Appeals to the Privy Council from the
Caribbean and Canadian Colonies
Report No. STC_1725_00

Meynell v Byam

St. Christopher 


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Sarah Meynell v William Byam


Acts of the Privy Council, Colonial Series


APC Citation  

v.3 [76] p.111 (18 Jan. 1725 – 29 Jan. 1726)

  PC Register Citation

George I v.5 (Sept. 1724 – May 1727) p.30, 33, 134–135, 166: PC 2/89/30, 33, 134–135, 166



Colonial Courts


Chancery – 18 Jan. 1724



Byam, William, respondent


Meynell, Richard, merchant, of Antigua, deceased (husband of Sarah)


Meynell, Sarah, appellant (widow and executrix of Richard)



Payment of bonds.


Reversed with direction for further proceedings in Chancery.


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Other DocumentsFor a discussion of Sarah Fletcher Crabb Meynell’s legal affairs relating to estates in Antigua and Barbados inherited from her father, George Fletcher, during her marriage to Lawrence Crabb, see Meynell v Moore, 4 Bro. P.C. 103, 2 Eng. Rep. 70 (H.L. 1727). 
Library Ames Foundation: (5 pages) (Source: English Reports –


Other DocumentsSee also Moore v Meynell, Dick. 30, 21 Eng. Rep. 178 (Ch. 1716). 
Library Ames Foundation: (1 page) (Source: English Reports – CommonLIIorg The woman involved here is called Ann not Sarah, but it seems unlikely that there were two widows from Antigua who were trying to settle the estates of their deceased husbands in England at this time and were remarried to a man named Meynell The nominate reporters seem to regard the cases as related.)