Appeals to the Privy Council from the
Caribbean and Canadian Colonies
Report No. JAM_1770_04

Macqueen v Taylor

Mathison v Taylor

Taylor v Elletson



Case Name Long

James Macqueen, John Macqueen, Euphine Macqueen, John Hanbury Taylor, George Richards, and Walter Grant v Simon Taylor and John Taylor

Case Name Long

Gilbert and Ann Mathison, John Kinlock, William Harris, Charles Mitchell, William Mitchell, and George Hanbury Mitchell v Simon Taylor and John Taylor

Case Name Long

Simon Taylor v Roger Hope Elletson, James Ord, and Peter Prevost


Acts of the Privy Council, Colonial Series


APC Citation  

v.5 [148] p.240–241 (27 April 1770 – 31 Dec. 1773)

  PC Register Citation

George III v.7 (May 1769 – Dec. 1770) p.362, 433: PC 2/114/362–363, 433


  PC Register Citation

George III v.8 (Jan. 1771 – Dec. 1771) p.321–325, 341: PC 2/115/321–325, 341


  PC Register Citation

George III v.9 (Jan. 1772 – Dec. 1772) p.40, 68–69, 74, 178, 511: PC 2/116/40, 68–69, 74, 178, 511


  PC Register Citation

George III v.10 (Jan. 1773 – April 1774) p.374–376, 394: PC 2/117/374–376, 394



Colonial Courts


Chancellor – 23 May 1769 (Macqueen v Taylor) (Mathison v Taylor)


Chancery – 27 April 1771 (Taylor v Elletson)



Arcedeckne, Andrew, later deceased (executor of Patrick Taylor)


Clarke, Sir Simon (executor of Patrick Taylor)


Cussans (formerly Macqueen), Euphine, appellant (wife of John, executrix of Patrick Taylor)


Cussans, John (husband of Euphine)


Elletson, Roger Hope, respondent


Foster, William


Grant, Walter, appellant (executor of Patrick Taylor)


Gregory, Arthur (executor of Patrick Taylor)


Gregory, Matthew (executor of Patrick Taylor)


Harris, William, appellant (representative of Charles Mitchell [1])


Kinlock, John, appellant (representative of Charles Mitchell [1])


Macqueen (Mackqueen), Daniel (executor of Patrick Taylor)


Macqueen (Mackqueen), Euphine – see Cussans, Euphine


Macqueen (Mackqueen), James, appellant (executor of Patrick Taylor)


Macqueen (Mackqueen), John, appellant (executor of Patrick Taylor)


Mathison, Ann, appellant (wife of Gilbert, representative of Charles Mitchell [1])


Mathison, Gilbert, appellant (husband of Ann, representative of Charles Mitchell [1])


Mitchell, Charles (1), appellant, later deceased (executor of Patrick Taylor)


Mitchell, Charles (2) (representative of Charles [1])


Mitchell, George Hanbury, appellant (representative of Charles [1])


Mitchell, William, appellant (representative of Charles [1])


Ord, James, respondent


Prevost, Peter, respondent


Richards, George, appellant (executor of Patrick Taylor)


Taylor, Ann (daughter of Patrick)


Taylor, John, respondent (son of Patrick)


Taylor, John Hanbury, appellant (executor of Patrick)


Taylor, Patrick, deceased (father of Ann, John, Robert, Susan, and Simon)


Taylor, Robert (son of Patrick)


Taylor, Simon, respondent/appellant (son of Patrick)


Taylor, Susan (daughter of Patrick)


Valette, Peter



Concerning estates.


Chancellor’s decree of 1769 reversed in part; second appeal initially dismissed for non-prosecution, later reversed with leave to appeal. Order as in Macqueen. The outcome of Taylor v Elletson is not stated.


The APC gives the final register reference (George III, volume 10) as page 396; it should be 394.


Printed Cases

Respondent’s case

Case of the respondent (James Mackqueen, John Hanbury Taylor, George Richards, Walter Grant, John Mackqueen, and Euphine Mackqueen v Simon and John Taylor)


Al. Wedderburn, Al. Forrester


Columbia University. Diamond Law Library: (William Samuel Johnson Collection) Treasure – Johnson 1770m and Microfilm – AA70 (Printed date on dorse 177_. Manuscript notes limited to “Decree affirmed.”)



Privy Council Documents in PC 1 at The National Archives at Kew

TNA Document Committee report (Macqueen v Taylor) – 9 July 1771 (PC 1/55/67) view_Document
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Referenced in APC v.6 [868] p.504–505.