Appeals to the Privy Council from the American Colonies

Useful Lists

The first eight of the following return HTML pages. Six of the eight are created dynamically from the database. The Bibliography is a static page with links to most of the places in which the item is cited. The list of Cases That Are Not ‘True’ Appeals is a search engine that returns either those that are and or those that are not so marked. The last four return PDF’s. The names of counsel are in the database, but hard to extract from it. The remaining three report information that is not in the database. The list of Caribbean Appeals, Canadian Appeals, and Caribbean Printed Cases that formerly appeared here have been removed because they have been replaced by Part 2.

  • Case Names Long – lists all of the appeals in the database by colony and date using the long form of the case name.
  • Case Names Short – lists all of the appeals in the database alphabetically by the short form of the case name.
  • Vessels – lists alphabetically all of the vessels that are named in the cases with the name of the case.
  • Bibliography – a bibliography of all published works cited in the catalogue.
  • Proceedings That Have Printed Cases – lists the colony, report number, and case name of all those proceedings that have printed cases, sometimes of one party, sometimes of both, and sometimes more than one for a party.
  • All Printed Cases – lists the report number and the surname of the party for whom the printed case was prepared. Parties for whom no printed case survives are omitted.
  • Printed Cases in ESTC – lists the report number, the surname of the party for whom the printed case was prepared, and the English Short Title Catalogue number of those printed cases that are in the ESTC.
  • Cases That Are Not ‘True’ Appeals – a search engine that will allow one to obtain a list either of those cases that we have classified as not ‘true’ appeals or of those that we have so classified.
  • Counsel – lists all of the signatories of the printed cases alphabetically by their surnames followed by the names of the cases that they signed.
  • Repositories of Printed Cases – lists alphabetically the name, address, and telephone number of all the libraries and archives in which printed cases have been found.
  • Conversion Chart – compares the names and numbers of the registers that are cited in APC with those that are currently in use at The National Archives.
  • Enslaved Persons – lists all of the slaves mentioned in the APC and those that we have so far found in other documents connected with the cases..