Appeals to the Privy Council from the
Caribbean and Canadian Colonies
Report No. JAM_1764_04

Israel v Innes ex rel. Donaldson



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Henry Israel, jun., v James Innes ex rel. William Donaldson and William Henry Lyttleton


Acts of the Privy Council, Colonial Series


APC Citation  

v.4 [575] p.688–689 (3 Aug. 1764 – 26 July 1765)

  PC Register Citation

George III v.3 (1 May 1763 – 30 Sept. 1764) p.604–605: PC 2/110/604–605


  PC Register Citation

George III v.4 (1 Oct. 1764 – 27 Aug. 1766) p.68, 274, 303: PC 2/111/68, 274, 303



Colonial Courts


Vice Admiralty Court – 24 July 1762



Donaldson, William, collector of customs in Jamaica, respondent


Innes, James, advocate general of Jamaica, respondent


Israel, Henry, jun., of St. Ann parish, co-owner of the Diamond, appellant


Lyttleton (Lyttelton), William Henry, esquire, governor of Jamaica, respondent


Rondon, Joseph, master of the Diamond


Sill, John, of Jamaica, co-owner of the Diamond




Diamond (sloop)





Appeal dismissed.


We have changed the case name from what appears in the APC on the basis of the printed cases. The appellant’s printed cases styles the respondents as Innes ex rel. Donaldson and does not mention Governor Lyttleton as a party. The respondent’s printed case adds that Israel is appealing on behalf of himself and Sill as co-owners of the Diamond, does not mention that Innes sued ex rel. Donaldson, but adds Governor Lyttleton as a party respondent.

For clarity, the names of the participants enumerated in the printed cases are added to Participants here even though they are not mentioned in the APC.


References in Smith, Appeals to the Privy Council from the American Plantations

Table of Cases (Israel v Innes [Donaldson])


Printed Cases

Appellant’s case

Case of the appellant (Henry Israel v Advocate General at the relation of William Donaldson) (also in manuscript)


Fl. Norton; C. Yorke


British Library: (Hardwicke Papers) Additional Manuscripts 36219 f.217r–218v, 223r–226v (Printed date on dorse 1765; no notes on dorse, which seems to be crossed out. Manuscript notes and interlining in the text. The manuscript copy of the case, which may or may not be exact, gives a date of July 1765 on the dorse.)


Respondent’s case

Case of the respondent (Henry Israel jr. and John Sill v James Innes, William Henry Lyttleton, and William Donaldson), with appendix


Wm. De Grey; Al. Wedderburn


British Library: (Hardwicke Papers) Additional Manuscripts 36219 f.219r–226v (Printed date on dorse 1765. No manuscript notes or underlining. Includes appendix. Followed by manuscript version of appellant’s case.)



Privy Council Documents in PC 1 at The National Archives at Kew

TNA Document Committee report (Israel v Donaldson) – 16 July 1765 (PC 1/52/56) view_Document
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