Appeals to the Privy Council from the
Caribbean and Canadian Colonies
Report No. BAR_1709_04

Appeal of Lillingston



Case Name Long

Appeal of George Lillingston


Acts of the Privy Council, Colonial Series


APC Citation  

v.2 [1088] p.601–602 (19 May 1709 – 26 Jan. 1710)

  PC Register Citation

Anne v.4 (5 March 1708 – 31 May 1710) p.321, 345–346, 394–395, 405, 418–419, 494, 517–518: PC 2/82/321, 345–346, 394–395, 405, 418–419, 494, 517–518



Colonial Courts


Court of Grand Sessions



Grenville, Sir Bevil


Holt, Chief Justice [John]


Lillingston, George, appellant


Mackaskell, Norman, deputy clerk of the Crown


Walker, William



Indictment concerning a pretended charge of high treason.


Verdict of Dec. 1708 affirmed acquitting Walker, and order issued for stopping other proceedings in the matter.


Related to another Privy Council appeal:

Appeal of George Lillington – Report No. BAR_1705_02 (APC, v.2 [976] p.492–493).

Note the inconsistent spellings: Lillington and Lillingston. Lillington is the correct spelling.

Not indexed as an appeal by the APC.


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