Appeals to the Privy Council from the
Caribbean and Canadian Colonies
Report No. JAM_1761_07

Perrin v Blechynden



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William Perrin v Theophilact and Florence Blechynden


Acts of the Privy Council, Colonial Series


APC Citation  

v.4 [455] p.490 (25 June 1761 – 2 July 1761)

  PC Register Citation

George III v.1 (25 Oct. 1760 – 31 Dec. 1761) p.395, 420, 427–428: PC 2/108/395, 420, 427–428



Colonial Courts


Chancery – 14 Feb. 1757



Blechynden, Florence, respondent (wife of Theophilact)


Blechynden, Theophilact, respondent (husband of Florence)


Perrin, Frances, ?of England (widow and executrix of William)


Perrin, William, appellant, deceased (husband of Frances)



Concerning a bill dismissed for non-prosecution.


Appeal dismissed without costs.

References in Smith, Appeals to the Privy Council from the American Plantations

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