Appeals to the Privy Council from the
Caribbean and Canadian Colonies
Report No. STV_1769_00

Smith v Ottley

St. Vincent 


Case Name Long

Harry Smith v Richard Ottley


Acts of the Privy Council, Colonial Series


APC Citation  

v.5 [128] p.214–215 (25 Oct. 1769)

  PC Register Citation

George III v.7 (May 1769 – Dec. 1770) p.77, 96, 118: PC 2/114/77, 96, 118



Colonial Courts


Court of Common Pleas – 25 June 1768


Court of Errors – 4 July 1768



Ottley, Richard, respondent


Smith, Harry, collector of customs, appellant



Action of trover.


Not stated in the Acts of the Privy Council, Colonial Series, but Smith (p.168) says that the case was never prosecuted.

References in Smith, Appeals to the Privy Council from the American Plantations

Table of Cases (Smith v Ottley)


Printed Cases

Appellant’s case

Case of the appellant (2 copies) (Harry Smith v Richard Ottley)


Wm. De Grey; E. Thurlow; J Dunning


The National Archives at Kew: (Treasury Solicitor and HM Procurator General, Papers) TS 11/1028/4377 and 4378 (We include images of only one of the printed cases, neither of which has any manuscript notes or underlining. Extensive manuscript documents, the images of which are not included here, can be found at the same call number: proceedings in the Court of Common Pleas in an action of trover; the arguments of Mr Lucas, his Majesty’s Attorney General for the Southern Charibboo Islands; and the arguments of Mr Byam, the plaintiff’s counsel, also of the counsel for the defendant.)



Privy Council Documents in PC 1 at The National Archives at Kew


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