Appeals to the Privy Council
Report No. 11_1737_00

Brenton v Brenton

Rhode Island 


Case Name Short

Brenton v Brenton

Case Name Long

Benjamin Brenton v Jahleel Brenton


Acts of the Privy Council, Colonial Series


APC Citation 

v.3 [403] p.563 – 17 March 1737 – entry 1

PC Register Citation 

George II v.5 (1 October 1736 – 4 September 1738) p.140: PC 2/94/140


APC Citation 

v.3 [403] p.563 – 22 March 1739 – entry 2

PC Register Citation 

George II v.6 (1 October 1738 – 27 March 1740) p.95–98, 143–144: PC 2/95/95–98, 143–144


Colonial Courts

Court of Common Pleas – 6 January 1736

Superior Court – 30 March 1736


Brenton, Abigail (daughter of William Brenton)

Brenton, Benjamin of Newport (great-grandson of William Brenton)

Brenton, Ebenezer (son of William Brenton)

Brenton, Jahleel (executor of William Brenton)

Brenton, Jahleel (deceased son and formerly executor of William Brenton)

Brenton, Mehetabel (daughter of William Brenton)

Brenton, Sarah (daughter of William Brenton)

Brenton, William (deceased great-grandfather of Benjamin Brenton and father of Jahleel, William, Ebenezer, Sarah, Mehetabel and Abigail)

Brenton, William (son of William Brenton)

Poole, John (son-in-law of William Brenton)

Sandford, Peleg (son-in-law of William Brenton)


Land (action of account arising from the will of William Brenton) in South Kings Town


Dismissed without prejudice to Benjamin Brenton to bring an action in the colonial courts


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