Appeals to the Privy Council
Report No. 10_1774_00

Sheipers v Logan (Thrustout v Logan)



Case Name Short

Sheipers v Logan

Thrustout v Logan

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Timothy Thrustout on the demise of Peter Henry Sheipers v James Logan


Acts of the Privy Council, Colonial Series


APC Citation 

v.5 [309] p.404 – 19 December 1774 – entry 1

PC Register Citation 

George III v.11 (May 1774 – May 1775) p.318: PC 2/118/318


APC Citation 

v.5 [309] p.404 – 23 January 1775 – entry 2

PC Register Citation 

George III v.11 (May 1774 – May 1775) p.352–353, 375–376: PC 2/118/352–353, 375–376


Colonial Courts

Supreme Court – 20 April 1773


Logan, James, gentleman, of Philadelphia county

Sheipers, Peter Henry

Thrustout, Timothy


Land (action of ejectment, according to the Privy Council register) concerning 50 acres of woodland


Dismissed for non-prosecution


There can be little doubt that Timothy Thrustout and the lease to him are fictional. For more on the ejectment action involved here, see Additional Research.


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Privy Council Documents in PC 1 at The National Archives at Kew

TNA Document Committee report – 12 Jan. 1775 – PC 1/60/10/1 view_Document
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Catalogued by TNA: Committee report for dismissing the appeal Thrustout v Logan for non-prosecution; 23 Jan. read and approved