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As is well known, The National Archives at Kew have a simply amazing collection of British historical materials. Their staff is consistently helpful, and they have pioneered in making their collections available through digital photography. Their friendly co-operation in allowing us to make images of their holdings is gratefully acknowledged.

Clicking on any of the page links below will bring you to an image of the page listed embedded in an HTML frame. You may download and use a single copy of the image only for purposes of private study, research, or teaching. You can navigate between the pages either by using the arrows at the top and bottom of the image frame or by returning to this page, which will remain in a separate tab or window. The images are large, so that the handwriting can be read.

The images were not photographed in good light, and sometimes it is easier to read the handwriting in black and white rather than in color. The URL on every image ends in ‘c’ just before ‘.jpg’. If you change the ‘c’ to ‘b’, you will get a black-and-white image.

If the document is referenced in volume 6 of the APC, that fact is noted, and a link is provided that takes you directly to PDF’s of the relevant pages. Some, though not all, of the descriptions in APC are quite detailed.

© Crown copyright images reproduced by permission of The National Archives, London, England. The National Archives give no warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or fitness for the purpose of the information provided. Images may be used only for purposes of research, private study, or education. Applications for any other use should be made to: The National Archives Image Library, Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 4DU. Tel: 020 8392 5225 Fax: 020 8392 5266.

Report No. 10_1774_00

Thrustout v Logan


TNA Document Committee report – 12 Jan. 1775 – PC 1/60/10/1  
Catalogued as Catalogued by TNA: Committee report for dismissing the appeal Thrustout v Logan for non-prosecution; 23 Jan. read and approved  
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