Appeals to the Privy Council
Report No. 13_1765_02

Wilson v Darrell



Case Name Short

Wilson v Darrell

Case Name Long

Thomas Wilson, William and Anne Huggins, John Wilson, William Wilson, Isaac and Elizabeth Hobday v Sampson Darrell, George and Elizabeth Turner, William and Ann Sansom, John and Elizabeth Noble, and William Slaughter


Acts of the Privy Council, Colonial Series


APC Citation 

v.4 [613] p.727 – 10 July 1765 – entry 1

PC Register Citation 

George III v.4 (1 October 1764 – 27 August 1766) p.261, 280–281: PC 2/111/261, 280–281


APC Citation 

v.4 [613] p.727 – 8 March 1769 – entry 2

PC Register Citation 

George III v.6 (January 1768 – April 1769) p.468: PC 2/113/468


APC Citation 

v.5 [280] p.390 – 31 December 1773 – entry 3 (The APC does not list this entry with the rest of 13_1765_02.)

PC Register Citation 

George III v.10 (January 1773 – April 1774) p.371–372, 389–390: PC 2/117/371–372, 389–390


Colonial Courts

Chancery – 11 April 1763


Almond, Jane (wife of Lewis Almond)

Almond, Lewis (husband of Jane Almond)

Darrell, Sampson (the elder, presumed deceased)

Darrell, Sampson (the younger)

Hobday, Elizabeth (wife of Isaac Hobday)

Hobday, Isaac (husband of Elizabeth Hobday)

Huggins, Anne (wife of William Huggins)

Huggins, William (husband of Anne Huggins)

Noble, Elizabeth (wife of John Noble)

Noble, John (husband of Elizabeth Noble)

Sansom, Ann (wife of William Sansom)

Sansom, William (husband of Ann Sansom)

Slaughter, William

Turner, Elizabeth (wife of George Turner)

Turner, George (husband of Elizabeth Turner)

Walton, Mr. of Girdlers Hall in Basinghall Street (appears for respondents)

Wilson, John

Wilson, Thomas

Wilson, William


“to account . . . for all the personal estate of Sampson Darrell, the elder . . . and deliver the real estate to the respondents,” according to the APC




The petition reveals that slaves are part of the property at issue.


Printed Cases

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Privy Council Documents in PC 1 at The National Archives at Kew

TNA Document Petition of Wilson – 10 July 1765 – PC 1/51/54 view_Document
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Referenced in APC, v.6 [665] p.403


TNA Document Order of reference – 10 July 1765 – PC 1/51/54 view_Document
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Referenced in APC, v.6 [665] p.403