Appeals to the Privy Council
Report No. 05_1737_01

Stoddard v Jones



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Stoddard v Jones

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Anthony Stoddard, William Stoddard and William Clarke v John and Hannah Jones, Elizabeth Willard, Hebzibah Mortimer, Mary Alden and Thomas Alden, Elizabeth Alden, Ann Alden, Mary Brightman, Nathaniel and Hepzibah Howard, Elizabeth Butterly, Peter and Lydia Briton, Zachariah Alden, Samuel and Mary Kneeland, Timothy and Elizabeth Green, and Nathaniel Alden


Acts of the Privy Council, Colonial Series


APC Citation 

v.3 [409] p.568 – 21 April 1737 – entry 1

PC Register Citation 

George II v.5 (1 October 1736 – 4 September 1738) p.215: PC 2/94/215


APC Citation 

v.3 [409] p.568 – 12 January 1738 – entry 2

PC Register Citation 

George II v.5 (1 October 1736 – 4 September 1738) p.295–297, 365–366: PC 2/94/295–297, 365–366


Colonial Courts

Courts of Massachusetts Bay (unspecified) – 18 September 1733, 23 April 1734, and third Tuesday of April 1736


Alden, Ann

Alden, Elizabeth

Alden, John

Alden, Mary (there may be multiple defendants named Mary Alden)

Alden, Nathaniel

Alden, Thomas

Alden, Zachariah

Brightman, Mary

Briton, Lydia (wife of Peter Briton)

Briton, Peter (husband of Lydia Briton)

Butterly, Elizabeth

Clap, Ezra (tenant on disputed land)

Clarke, William of Boston

Green, Elizabeth (wife of Timothy Green)

Green, Timothy (husband of Elizabeth Green)

Howard, Hepzibah (wife of Nathaniel Howard)

Howard, Nathaniel (husband of Hepzibah Howard)

Jones, Hannah (wife of John Jones)

Jones, John (husband of Hannah Jones)

Kneeland, Mary (wife of Samuel Kneeland)

Kneeland, Samuel (husband of Mary Kneeland)

Lyon, Samuel (tenant on disputed land)

Mortimer, Hebzibah

Stoddard, Anthony of Boston

Stoddard, William, merchant, of Boston

Willard, Elizabeth


Land (trespass and ejectment)




On the action of ‘trespass and ejectment’ involved here, see Additional Research.

According to Smith (p.162), this is the only real action in Massachusetts in which there was no preliminary petition for leave to appeal, a situation quite customary in that colony where the charter provision for appeals mentioned only personal actions.

References in Smith, Appeals to the Privy Council from the American Plantations

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