Appeals to the Privy Council
Report No. 05_1734_04

Waldo v Waldoe



Case Name Short

Waldo v Waldoe

Case Name Long

John Waldo v Samuel Waldoe, Jonathan Waldoe, Thomas Fairweather, and Edward and Anne Tyng


Acts of the Privy Council, Colonial Series


APC Citation 

v.3 [321] p.430–431 – 7 November 1734 – entry 1

PC Register Citation 

George II v.4 (1 August 1734 – 23 September 1736) p.35–36: PC 2/93/35–36


APC Citation 

v.3 [321] p.431–432 – 18 March 1735– entry 2

PC Register Citation 

George II v.4 (1 August 1734 – 23 September 1736) p.120–122: PC 2/93/120–122


APC Citation 

v.3 [321] p.432 – 3 April 1735 – entry 3

PC Register Citation 

George II v.4 (1 August 1734 – 23 September 1736) p.145: PC 2/93/145


Colonial Courts

Inferior Court – Boston – 3 July 1733 (action brought 9 June 1733)

Superior Court – 4 or 14 August 1733


Fairweather (Fayreweather), Thomas (son-in-law and executor of Jonathan Waldoe)

Tyng, Anne (Ann) (daughter and executrix of Jonathan Waldoe and wife of Edward Tyng)

Tyng, Edward (husband of Anne Tyng)

Waldo (Waldoe), John, distiller, of Boston

Waldoe (Waldo), Jonathan, gentleman (deceased father of Samuel Waldo, Jonathan Waldo, and Ann Waldo Tyng)

Waldoe (Waldo), Jonathan (son and executor of Jonathan Waldoe)

Waldoe (Waldo), Samuel (son and executor of Jonathan Waldoe)


Land (action of ejectment to recover land and a ‘Still House’ in Boston)


No appeal is granted.


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For clarity in dealing with multiple Waldo (Waldoe) cases, listed here are the immediate family members, without regard to whether they appear in this report: Jonathan Waldo is the deceased father of the Waldo siblings: Samuel (eldest son), Jonathan, Hannah, and Ann (Anne, Anna). Hannah is the wife of Thomas Fairweather (Fayrweather), who dies during the proceedings. Ann is the wife of Edward Tyng (Ting). Samuel and Jonathan Waldo, Ann Tyng, and Thomas Fairweather are the executors for Jonathan Waldo. Upon Thomas Fairweather’s death, Hannah, his widow, and his uncle, John Fairweather, become his executors.

For the action of ejectment involved here, see Additional Research.


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