Appeals to the Privy Council
Report No. 05_1705_01

Allen v Spencer



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Allen v Spencer

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Samuel Allen (later Thomas Allen) v Humphrey Spencer


Acts of the Privy Council, Colonial Series


APC Citation 

v.2 [972] p.489 – 9 July 1705 – entry 1

PC Register Citation 

Anne v.2 (20 January 1704 – 29 September 1705) p.388–389: PC 2/80/388–389


APC Citation 

v.2 [1006] p.510 – 15 July 1706 – entry 2

PC Register Citation 

Anne v.3 (11 October 1705 – 29 February 1708) p.238–239: PC 2/81/238–239


Colonial Courts

Court of Common Pleas in Maine, otherwise referred to as Inferior Court at Wells

Superior Court – Boston – 7 November 1704


Allen, Samuel (deceased father of Thomas Allen)

Allen, Thomas (son of Samuel Allen)

Gorges, Sir Ferdinando

Spencer, Humphrey


Land (“Writ of Ejectment,” according to the APC; “an Ejectment at Law,” according to the Committee report as given in the Privy Council register) near Newichawanock by grant from Ferdinando Gorges


Not stated in Acts of the Privy Council, Colonial Series


Related to another Privy Council appeal:

    Allen v Waldron – Report No. 06_1701_00 (APC, v.2 [818] p.365)

This action, begun before the death of Samuel Allen in 1705, was continued by his son as heir, but apparently not further prosecuted. Smith (p.158) describes Allen’s attempt to enforce his Masonian claims in Massachusetts courts for lands in Maine. The APC indexes the appeal against Waldron by Samuel Allen, and then Thomas Allen, under New Hampshire where the Allens’ main efforts to enforce their claims were directed.

On the action of ejectment involved here, see Additional Research.

References in Smith, Appeals to the Privy Council from the American Plantations

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