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Report No. c022

Burgundio Pisanus



Alternative Names

Burgundio Pisano; Burgundione da Pisa; Burgundio von Pisa; Burgundio de Pisa



Not himself a glossator of Roman law texts, but an important translator of Greek texts, including certain Greek portions of the Digest. From a good, though not noble, family in Pisa, where he spent his whole life except for his lengthy trips abroad to Byzantium. First appears in documents in 1136, by which time he had already mastered Greek. At some point he also studied some law so that, beginning in 1140, he could appear in Pisan documents as advocate and (from 1151) judge (of Pisa, of the Lateran palace, of the apostolic see). His rare ability in Greek enabled him to serve both the papacy and the city of Pisa in unusual ways in the capacity of translator and legate. He possibly was involved in the production of a two–part Codex for the city of Pisa (1156–60). Died in 1193.


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