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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. c021




Alternative Names

Lotharius Cremonensis; Lotario Rosari da Cremona; Lotharius of Cremona



Civilian jurist from a noble family in Cremona. Studied in Bologna and also taught there, certainly by the year 1189, the date of his oath to the city to teach there and nowhere else. Must have enjoyed a high reputation, because Henry VI met with him and Azo upon a visit to the city in 1191. Later moved to and taught in Modena, where he also served in ecclesiastical courts, for a papal judge delegate, and as judge in civil court in Modena. King Philip Augustus of France called him into his service as legal adviser in 1201. Returned to Bologna in 1204. Became bishop of Vercelli in 1205 and, in 1208, archbishop of Pisa. In that capacity, also served at the court of Emperor Otto IV before having to relay the papal judgment against the emperor in 1211. He wrote very little; his glosses bear the siglum ‘lo.’ or ‘lot’.



No. 1

Glossae ad Corpus iuris ciuilis.

No. 2

Distinctio. A single distinction that survives in the so-called Distinctiones Hugolini.

No. 3

Consilia, post 1209. Two are known. They do not survive but are referred to (with some detail as to L.’s opinion) in a Pistoian document, now in Florence (post 1209; see article by Pennington).

No. 4

Sententia, 1215. Legal decision made by L. as papal judge delegate and recorded by the imperial judge and notary Siluester, son of Bonus, on 21 July 1215.


Text(s) – Manuscripts

No. 4

Sententia, 1215.


Pistoia, Arch. di Stato Dipl. S. Michele in Forcole, 1215, 15 July


Text(s) – Modern Editions

No. 1

Glossae ad Corpus iuris ciuilis.

Modern Editions

Ed. F. von Savigny in Geschichte 4.566–67.

No. 2


Modern Editions

Distinctiones Hugolini’ in Dissensiones dominorum sive controversiae veterum iuris romani interpretum qui glossatores vocanturA, ed. G. Haenel (Leipzig 1834; repr. Aalen 1964) 568 no.53.

No. 4


Modern Editions

Ed. K. Pennington in ‘Lotharius of Cremona’, BMCL, 20 (1990) 48–50. Reprinted in: Miscellanea Domenico Maffei dicata: Historia–Ius–Studium, Antonio García y García and Peter Weimar, ed. (Goldbach 1995) 1.231–38.



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