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Report No. a167

Compilatio prima



Alternative Names

Breuiarium extrauagantium



A decretal collection compiled by Bernardus Papiensis (Balbus) at Bologna beween the years 1189 and 1192, likely in more than one phase.


Entry by: KP rev AL 2015



No. 1

Compilatio prima, 1190/91. There are over 140 manuscripts containing all or part of Compilatio prima still in existence. G. Fransen did extensive study on the development of Bernardus’s decretal collection, although he only published a portion of his results. He argued that this work passed through several phases of development, though it is not clear that Bernardus was responsible for each phase. Acording to Fransen, the manuscripts of Compilatio prima may be divided into three main groups and a few intermediate versions. The first group is the oldest version and designated Σ by Fransen; it omits 26 of the 912 chapters which Friedberg presents in his edition. The second, or French, group is also called group Φ by Fransen; some chapters omitted in group Σ have been added. This may have happenned in two or perhaps more stages: 1. 10 chapters omitted which are also omitted in the oldest group; 2. Only 2–5 chapters omitted (manuscripts vary on 1.12.2 and 4.4.4-5); Fransen believes this subgroup had a single common ancestor. In total this group contains 38 manuscripts: 29 are French/Belgian/Swiss, 7 are German, and 2 are Austrian. The third main group presents the classic version as contained in Friedberg’s edition (designated group Λ by Fransen). 36 manuscripts: 12 French, 11 German, 7 Italian, and 6 Austrian. Fransen also identified three intermediate versions: (1) an archaic version, (2) a version close to but distinct from the French Group (or Φ), and (3) a version between that of the oldest group (Σ) and the classic group (Λ). Fransen never published a complete listing of which manuscripts fall within each group.


Text(s) – Manuscripts

No. 1

Compilatio prima, 1190/91.


Admont, Stiftsbibl. 22


Alba Iulia, Bibl. Batthyan. 166


Angers, BM 375 [362]


Arras, BM 505 [597]


Arras, BM 956 [75], fol. 1–29


Avranches, BM 149, fol. 7–77


Bamberg, Staatsbibl. Can. 19, fol. 1–78


Bamberg, Staatsbibl. Can. 20, fol. 1–54v


Bamberg, Staatsbibl. Can. 21, fol. 1–100


Beaune, BM 19, fol. 1–89


a167Txt1Berlin, Staatsbibl. lat. fol. 231 (Gives version close to but distinct from the French Group (group Φ))


Berlin, Staatsbibl. lat. fol. 306 [Rose # 621 II], fol. 1–60


Berlin, Staatsbibl. lat. fol. 427, fol. 1–87v


a167Txt1Bonn, Universitäts- u. Landesbibl. ??? (formerly Bibl. Böcking, then owned by Schulte?)


Bordeaux, BM 400


Brugge, Stedelijke Bibl. 367


Brugge, Grootseminarie 44–63, fol. 1–86v


Bruxelles/Brussel, Bibl. Royale 1407–09 (Kat. 2560), fol. 1–90


Burgo de Osma, Bibl. Catedral 6, fol. 2–115v


Cambridge, Gonville & Caius Coll. 17 [James 28] pp. 1–134


Cambridge, Gonville & Caius Coll. 150 [James 44], fol. 3–79v


Chalon-sur-Saône, BM 15, fol. 169–76


Chartres, BM 318 [355], fol. 1–76v


Chartres, BM 384 [462], fol. 49–104


a167Txt1Cheltenham, Thirlestaine House Phil. 2136 (This had been sold as of 1937.)


Córdoba, Bibl. Cap. 22


Douai, BM 593, fol. 1–74


Douai, BM 594


Douai, BM 595


Durham, Cath. Libr. C.III.3, fol. 1–73v


Durham, Cath. Libr. C.III.4


Épinal, BM 72


Erlangen, Universitätsbibl. 349, fol. 1–72


El Escorial, Bibl. San Lorenzo K.I.9


a167Txt1Firenze, Bibl. Laurenz. Plut. 3 (olim S. Croce III) sin.6 (The library currently identifies this manuscript with the Plutei designation, but the literature often refers to it with the S. Croce one.)


Firenze, Bibl. Laurenz. IV sin. 2


Firenze, BN Conv. Sopp. da ordinare, Vallombrosa 38 (327), fol. 9ra–64vb


Freiburg im Breisgau, Universitätsbibl. 361a


Fulda, Landesbibl. D.5, fol. 1–83


Fulda, Landesbibl. D.6


Genève, Bibl. Genève lat. 167


Giessen, Universitätsbibl. MCV, fol. 1v–46


Graz, Universitätsbibl. 374


Graz, Universitätsbibl. III.106


Graz, Universitätsbibl. III.138


a167Txt1Grenoble, BM 476 (Belongs to the oldest version (group designated Σ by Fransen); it omits 26 of the 912 chapters which Friedberg presents in his edition.)


Halle, Universitäts- u. Landesbibl. Ye.52 [ps.III]


Halle, Universitäts- u. Landesbibl. Ye.52 [ps.V], fol. 1v–5v


Halle, Universitäts- u. Landesbibl. Ye.80, fol. 1–78


Karlsruhe, Badische Landesbibl. Aug. XL, fol. 1–82v


Karlsruhe, Badische Landesbibl. CCX, fol. 1r–70va


a167Txt1Kraków, Arch. Kap. 89 (Belongs to the oldest version (group designated Σ by Fransen); it omits 26 of the 912 chapters which Friedberg presents in his edition.)


a167Txt1Laon, BM 385 (Version between that of Group Σ and Λ.)


Leipzig, Universitätsbibl. 968, fol. 1–77v


Leipzig, Universitätsbibl. 983, fol. 1–60v


Lille, BM 145, fol. 2–79


Lilienfeld, Stiftsbibl. 220 fol 1r–72va


Lincoln, Cath. Chap. 29, fol. 1–51v and 193–200v


Lincoln, Cath. Chap. 38, fol. 1–73


Lincoln, Cath. Chap. 163, fol. 1–83


a167Txt1Lisboa, BN Alcobaça 173 [304], fol. 10v–115 (very old)


Lisboa, BN Alcobaça 381 [305]


London, BL Harley 3834, fol. 2–119


London, BL Royal App. 4, fol. 1, 2–10v


London, Lambeth Palace Libr. 80, fol. 170–226


London, Lambeth Palace Libr. 105, fol. 137–213v


Lyon, Bibl. Univ. 6, fol. 1–65v


a167Txt1Madrid, Bibl. Acad. Historia 66 (fragment)


Melk, Stiftsbibl. F.33


Melk, Stiftsbibl. I.37


Modena, Bibl. Estense XII.L.8


Monte Cassino, Bibl. Abbazia 46 pp. 1–178


Monte Cassino, Bibl. Abbazia 67 pp. 1–161


Monte Cassino, Bibl. Abbazia 183 pp. 1–174


Monte Cassino, Bibl. Abbazia 468 pp. 87–203


München, BSB Clm 3879, fol. 1–97v


München, BSB Clm 6352, fol. 1–77


München, BSB Clm 7430, fol. 1–106


München, BSB Clm 8302, fol. 1–93


Olomouc, Státni Archiv 589


a167Txt1Ourense, Bibl. Cap. Frag. 37b (fragment)


Orléans, BM 223


Padova, Bibl. Anton. 41


Paris, BN lat 1540 fol 2ra–67vb


Paris, BN lat. 3925


Paris, BN lat. 3929


Paris, BN lat. 3930


Paris, BN lat. 3931


Paris, BN lat. 3932


Paris, BN lat. 3953


Paris, BN lat. 9632


Paris, BN lat. 14321


Paris, BN lat. 14610, fol. 3–175v


Paris, BN lat. 15398, fol. 3–73


Paris, BN lat. 15398, fol. 204–279


Paris, BN lat. 15399


Paris, BN lat. 15996


a167Txt1Paris, BN lat. 15997 (Gives version close to but distinct from the French Group (group Φ))


Paris, BN nouv. acq. lat. 2127


Paris, BN nouv. acq. lat. 2192


Paris, Bibl. Mazarine 1292, fol. 160–98


Perugia, BC L.69 [817], fol. 1–107


Piacenza, Bibl. Cap. 35 (47)


Reims, BM 690, fol. 1–114


Reims, BM 692, fol. 36–111


Rouen, BM 706 [E.54], fol. 1–80


a167Txt1Sigüenza, Arch. Catedral 10 (Belongs to the oldest version (group designated Σ by Fransen); it omits 26 of the 912 chapters which Friedberg presents in his edition.)


Sigüenza, Arch. Catedral 40


a167Txt1Sion, Arch. Cap Aval II (very old)


Sankt Gallen, Stiftsbibl. 715


Saint-Omer, BM 107 [450], fol. 3–114v


Saint-Omer, BM 447


Toledo, Bibl. Catedral 20–12


Toledo, Bibl. Catedral 36–12


Toledo, Bibl. Catedral G 6–1


a167Txt1Toledo, Bibl. Catedral G 7–7 (fragments only)


Tortosa, Bibl. Cap. 269, fol. 1–93r


Toulouse, BM 368, fol. 1–61


Tours, BM 569


Trier, Stadtbibl. 864, fol. 1–66


Trier, Stadtbibl. 876, fol. 1–92


Troyes, BM 102


Troyes, BM 385


a167Txt1Troyes, BM 944 (Gives version close to but distinct from the French Group (group Φ))


Valenciennes, BM 274


Città del Vaticano, BAV Vat. lat. 1377, fol. 2–98v


Città del Vaticano, BAV Vat. lat. 2509, fol. 1–93


Città del Vaticano, BAV Borgh. 264, fol. 1–74v


Città del Vaticano, BAV Chigi. E.VII.207, fol. 1–88


Città del Vaticano, BAV Ottob. lat. 1943


Città del Vaticano, BAV Pal. lat. 288, fol. 219–287


a167Txt1Città del Vaticano, BAV Pal. lat. 652, fol. 1–60 (Gives version close to but distinct from the French Group (group Φ))


Città del Vaticano, BAV Pal. lat. 653, fol. 1–64v


Città del Vaticano, BAV Pal. lat. 696


Città del Vaticano, BAV Urb. lat. 178, fol. 1–77v


Vendôme, BM 89


Venezia, BN San Marco VIII.22, fol. 23–71


Vercelli, Bibl. Agnes. 23 [Ar.84]


a167Txt1Worcester, Cath. Libr. F.122 (Gives version close to but distinct from the French Group (group Φ))


Zwettl, Stiftsbibl. 30


Zwettl, Stiftsbibl. 34


a167Txt1Olomouc, VKOL C.O. 589 (folios unknown)


a167Txt1Olomouc, VKOL C.O. 590 (folios unknown)


Text(s) – Modern Editions

No. 1

Compilatio prima.

Modern Editions

Quinque compilationes antiquae, ed. E. Friedberg (Leipzig 1882; repr. Graz 1956). (In this edition, Friedberg presents only the texts of decretals which had been omitted from the Gregorian Decretals. He presented a register including incipits, explicits, and references to the Gregoriana for the remaining chapters. Thus, this edition must be used in conjunction with Friedberg’s edition of the Gregoriana: Corpus iuris canonici, vol. II (Leipzig 1879; repr. Graz 1956) 1–928. He claims to have used the following manuscripts for this edition: München, BSB, Clm 3879; Freiburg, Universitätsbibl., 361; München, BSB, Clm 6352; Fulda, Landesbibl., D.5; and Leipzig, Universitätsbibl., 983; as well as the edition of Antonio Augustín..)



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