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Report No. t228

Collegium Papiense
‘Consilium in materia augmenti monetarum’



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In TUI 1584, and, so far as we can tell, elsewhere only in an edition dated in Monferrato in 1549, there appears a consilium entitled ‘Consilium in materia augmenti monetarum factum per excelsum collegium Papiense’, with the incipit ‘Casus sic in facto proponitur’. It concerns a change in the method of payment of the annual census owed to the marquises of Monferrato by the city of Casale Monferrato. The corporate group that rendered this consilium would not seem to be ancestor of any of the modern residential colleges of the university of Pavia, the oldest of which date to later in the 16th century. Whether it is the law faculty of the studium at Pavia in its corporate capacity or the college of doctors of law at Pavia requires more exploration. The latter seems more likely.

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