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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. t227

Ferdinandus Paez

fl. 1559


Alternative Names

Ferdinandus Paez Olisiponensis; Fernando Pais



Library cataloguers in the Iberian world seem to have settled on ‘Paez’ as F’s vernacular surname. They give him floruit date of 1559 and locate him, as does TUI 1584, in Lisboa, on the basis of the first, and so far as we are aware the only – other than the one in TUI 1584 t. 12 – , edition of his De excusandis parentibus, which was published in Lisboa in 1559. P. describes himself in the dedicatory epistle as a ‘doctor pontificii iuris’, i.e., canon law, and says that he studied at Coimbra.

Source: Not in CERL Thesaurus. WorldCat.

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