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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. t229

Ludovicus Carbonis a Costacciaro

?1545– ?1597


Alternative Names

Ludivicus Carbone; Ludovico Carbone a (da) Costacciaro



Not to be confused with the better-known Ferrarese humanist of the same name, who lived a century earlier, and not in DBI, we have taken our information about L. from J. D. Moss and W. A. Wallace, 47–49. E. Puletti, Ludovico Carbone da Costacciaro is unavailable in the U.S. The website of an exhibition held in L’s home-town, Costacciaro (prov. Perugia), curated by Puletti, puts his birth-date 13 years earlier. Moss and Wallace seem to have more solid evidence, but they did not know that L’s dated signature is found in a local cave. It seems more likely that L. did this when he was nineteen than when he was six. Nothing is known of L’s university education and what is known of his earlier formation is guess-work, based on what was possible in his area and on the thanks that offers to teachers in some of his works. It is likely that he studied at the Jesuit college in Roma. He was probably ordained a priest. L. wrote widely, mostly on philosophical and theological topics. Most of his works are fairly elementary, leading to the possibility that he taught in one or more Jesuit colleges, though he does not seem to have been a Jesuit. Almost all of his works were first published after 1584. The De pacificatione (TUI 1584 t. 12) was first published in Firenze in 1583. He died in Venezia.

Source: J. D. Moss and W. A. Wallace, Rhetoric & Dialectic in the Time of Galileo (Washington, DC 2003) 47–49.

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