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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. t176

Martinus Silimanis

c. 1250–1306


Alternative Names

Martino Sillimani



M. received his doctorate utriusque probably at Bologna in 1273. He taught civil law there, virtually uninterrupted, from 1276 to 1304. His students included both Giovanni d’Andrea and Cino da Pistoia. His works, which remain almost entirely in manuscript, are those of a post-Accursian glossator: additiones and adnotatationes in the various books of the CJC. Repetitiones and numerous quaestiones are also recorded. Giovanni d’Andrea says that S. wrote a Summa quaestionum on feudal law, and pieces, or the whole, of it have probably been found in manuscripts, although only more study than has yet been undertaken would enable us to determine for certain what we have. The Tractatus super usibus feudorum (TUI 1584, t. 10.1), however, is probably not S’s work, but probably, at least in part, the work of a Pisan jurist named Giovanni Fazioli (ca. 1223–1286) (P. Maffei, in DGI). On this, see in addition to the references in DGI, J. Cairns, Creation of the Ius Commune, 51.

Source: M. Semarano, in DGI.

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