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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. t175

Pardulphus Prateius

c. 1520–1570


Alternative Names

Pardoux DuPrat (Duprat)



P. was born in Aubusson (dép. Creuse). He studied with the notable Protestant jurist Jean Coras at Toulouse, where he received his doctorate in the early 1540s. He returned to Aubusson where he lectured on law, served as an advocate and a judge, and helped to spread Protestantism. He moved to Lyon, where he may have taught law, and where he published a number of works, mostly about law, but including translations from Latin, Greek, and Italian. His legal works also had a humanist bent. He participated in a number of collective works and in editions of jurists from the past. An example of the former is his treatise De fundo dotali (TUI 1584, t. 9), which was first printed in a collection of De dotibus tractatus (Lyon 1569).

Source: P. Arrabeyre, in DHJF, s.n. Duprat, Pardoux.

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