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Report No. a587

Lyon, First Council of: Constitutiones



Alternative Names

Decrees of the First Council of Lyon



The officially promulgated version of the decisions reached at the Second Council of Lyon (1245). Of 27 constitutions from the council, Innocent IV promulgated 22 and sent them to the universities in August 1245. This collection of the constitutions is known as Collectio I (Coll. I). Innocent IV issued 12 other decrees in April 1246 (Coll. II). He later re-issued the 22 constitutions from Lyon and the 12 decrees, adding 8 additional decrees, in September 1253. That collection is known as Coll. III and officially was called the Novellae, a collection on which Innocent IV himself provided extensive commentary (see entry on Innocent IV). The majority of the constitutiones were taken up in the Liber Sextus. Prior to the Sextus, Henricus de Segusio, Johannes de Deo, and Petrus Sampson commented on the constitutiones within the Novellae, and Ulricus made a collection of excerpts from them (see entries on these individuals).



No. 1

Constitutiones Lugdunenses I, 1245/1253. cf. entry on Novellae under: Innocent IV, Pope.



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