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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. a586

Walter de Coutances



Alternative Names

Walter of Coutances; Walter von Coutances; Magister Walter; Maître Walter; Walter of Rouen



Identified by Peter Landau as the ‘Magister Walter’ studied by André Gouron. Worked in the service of King Henry II, bishop of Lincoln (1182-1184), where he probably oversaw the compilation of the Appendix Lateranensis III, and was promoted to archbishop of Rouen and remained in that position until his death in 1207. His move to Rouen is probably responsible for the influence of the Appendix on the continent, and he most likely oversaw other canonical work in his diocese, chief among it the decretal collection now preserved in BNF lat. 3922A.



No. 1

Tractaturi, post 1165. First part, or Part A, of a set of texts of the ordines iudiciorum; attributed to Magister Walter by Gouron; completed shortly after 1160.

No. 2

Glossae super Decretum, ante 1180. Referred to as the ‘W–Glossen’ by Weigand. Weigand believed his Magister W. had to be Bolognese, but Gouron found similarites between the W.-glosses and the Tractaturi ascribed to ‘Waltherus’.

No. 3

Perpendiculum, 1173–77. Gouron believed his Magister W. or a close student was responsible for this procedural tract. Contains many similarities with Weigand’s W.–Glossen.

No. 4

Notabilia ‘Argumentum quod religiosi’, 1173–77. Ascribed to a Walter and believed by Kuttner and Gouron to be written by same author as Perpendiculum.

No. 5

Glosses on the Ordo ‘Ulpianus de edendo’.


Text(s) – Manuscripts

No. 1

Tractaturi, post 1165.


Göttweig, Stiftsbibl. 100 (38), fols. 87r–136r (folio references also include Part B De actionibus)


Oxford, Bodleian Libr. Bodl. 514, fols. 72r–87vb (folio references also include Part B De actionibus)


Sankt Florian, Stiftsbibl. XI 346, fols. 91r–130v (folio references also include Part B De actionibus)


Wien, ÖNB 2221, fols. 2v–39r (folio references also include Part B De actionibus)

No. 3

Perpendiculum, 1173–77.


München, BSB lat. 28175


New York, N.Y., Morgan Libr. 446


Città del Vaticano, BAV Borgh. lat. 287 (several W-Glosses in modified form)

No. 4

Notabilia ‘Argumentum quod religiosi’, 1173–77.




Cambridge, Pembroke Coll. 101

No. 5

Glosses on the Ordo ‘Ulpianus de edendo’.


London, BL Royal 10 B IV


London, BL Harley 3834


Text(s) – Modern Editions

No. 1


Modern Editions

Incerti Auctoris Ordo Iudiciarius, Pars Summae Legum et Tractatus de Praescriptione, ed. C. Gross (Innsbruck 1870).

No. 5

Glosses on the Ordo ‘Ulpianus de edendo’.

Modern Editions

Incerti auctoris Ordo Iudiciorum (Ulpianus de edendo), ed. G. Haenel (Leipzig 1838; repr. Charleston, SC 2012) (reprint by Nabu Press).



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