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Report No. a522

Summa ‘Fecit Moyses tabernaculum’



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A commentary on De consecratione, which appears appended to the Summa of Stephanus Tornacensis in three manuscripts. For that reason, scholars have long mistaken it as part of Stephanus’ work. In truth, it was written independently and probably dates around 1165. Landau argues that it belongs to the school of Cologne.


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No. 1

Summa ‘Fecit Moyses tabernaculum’.


Text(s) – Manuscripts

No. 1

Summa ‘Fecit Moyses tabernaculum’.


a522Txt1Berlin, Staatsbibl. lat. qu. 193 (ends at ed. Schulte 262.26)


Mainz, Stadtbibl. 477


Troyes, BM 640


Text(s) – Modern Editions

No. 1

Summa ‘Fecit Moyses tabernaculum’.

Modern Editions

Edited in part by J. von Schulte in Die Summa des Stephan von Doornick (1891) 259–81. (Von Schulte omitted many of the passages borrowed from Paucapalea, Rolandus, and Rufin, and wrongly assumed Stephan’s authorship; see S. Kuttner, Traditio 14 (1958) 502–5..)



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J. von Schulte, Die Summa des Stephan von Doornick über das Decretum Gratiani (Giessen 1891).