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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. a047

Balduinus de Forda



Alternative Names

Baldwin, Archbishop of Canterbury (LC); Baldwin of Ford; Baldwin of Canterbury; Baldovino de Ford; Baudouin de Ford;



A ‘magister scholarum’ in the mid-twelfth century. B. served as Archdeacon of Totnes in the diocese of Exeter from 1161–1170. He then retired to the Cistercian Abbey of Ford and became Abbot there by 1175. As Abbot, he served as a Papal judge-delegate on several occasions. B. became Bishop of Worcester in 1180, Archbishop of Canterbury in 1184, and died at Acre in 1190. As a canonist, Baldwin was a collector of Papal decretals (to Exeter, Worcester and Canterbury) and his influence may be seen behind the so-called ‘Wigorniensis Group’ of Decretal collections. (Collectiones Trinitatis, Wigorniensis, Claustroneoburgensis, Cheltenhamensis, Cottoniana, and Petrihusensis).


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