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Report No. a139

Collectio Lipsiensis



Alternative Names

Leipzig collection



Part of the Bambergensis-Group, a group of twelve closely related Decretal collections. Walter Deeters has postulated that all members of the Bambergensis-group sprang from an archetype, ‘Urbambergensis’, consisting of 418 items in 56 titles. This putative collection would have been produced c.1180. The twelve manuscripts or fragments containing members of the B.-group were then produced over more than two decades and were influenced by other collections. This particular collection in the group shows the influence of the Collectiones Berolinensis prima and Parisiensis prima. It has been tentatively attributed to Bernardus Papiensis as a mediate collection between his Parisiensis II and Breviarium.


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No. 1

Collectio Lipsiensis.


Text(s) – Manuscripts

No. 1

Collectio Lipsiensis.


Leipzig, Universitätsbibl. 975, fol. 116–153


Text(s) – Modern Editions

No. 1

Collectio Lipsiensis.

Modern Editions

Die Canones-Sammlungen zwischen Gratian und Bernhard von Pavia, ed. E. Friedberg (Leipzig 1897; repr. Graz 1958) 115–130.



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