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An ‘Ocean of Law’. The Harvard Law School’s copy of TUI1584 is bound in 29 physical volumes, 17 inches high, 18 ‘tomes’ in 25 physical volumes and 4 physical volumes of indices.


Tome 3 of TUI 1584 is devoted to procedure. It is divided into two parts, both of which bear the subtitle De iudiciis (literally ‘On judgments’, but we would get a better sense for what it is all about if we translated ‘On matters brought before a judge’). These paragraphs will serve introduce both parts, but the data only for part 1 is contained below. The data for part 2 will be found here.

As is well known, one of the achievements of the ius commune of the medieval and early modern periods was the creation of Romano-canonical procedure, a procedural system for both civil and criminal cases that is in large measure still in use on the European Continent today, and to some extent in the Anglo-American legal world as well. The treatises in tome 3 do not cover the entire topic of Romano-canonical procedure. They deal with general topics about that procedure and take the order of proceeding (ordo iudiciarius) up to the joinder of issue (litis contestatio). Tome 4 deals with proof, and tome 5 deals with sentences, and the concept of res iudicata. Tome 11 deals more specifically with criminal procedure. Since tome 3 deals with procedure in general it includes some treatises that deal with the entire course of the ordo, including Tancred’s famous ordo iudiciarius (written c. 1215).

Procedural writers had a tendency to write short works, but there are lot of them. Tome 3, part 1 contains 39 items, more than tome 1 (32). While most of the works are practical, a few seem to have been written by authors with a humanist bent. There are some authors who are obscure indeed, but all of them, with the exception of one Spaniard and one Flemming, seem to be either Italian or French.

Tome 3, part 2 contains 54 items, the largest number in any physical volume so far. The methodological balance is the same as that in part 1. Once more, some authors are obscure indeed. Italians and French seem to dominate (with a decided preference for the former); there is one German, one Spanish, and one Netherlandish author. There seems to be more than the usual amount of misattribution, and the cause of it may be that this part contains two important medieval ‘living texts’: the treatise De exceptionibus and that De primo et secundo decreto. The first deals not with the exception as an alternative name for the basic substantive defense, but rather the procedural exceptions that normally had to be made before the litis contestatio. The second deals with contumacy. The seizure of the goods the contumacious defendant leads the organizer of the treatises to think about execution against the defendant’s goods, a topic that we might think belongs at the end of a general treatment of procedure. This is followed by a number of treatises on possessory remedies. The part concludes with three treatises on the recovery of costs.

The list of titles and authors follows the format outlined in the introduction to these pages. There are no records in HOLLIS that are not found here, though there are some items that are not found in HOLLIS that are here, and there is one item in part 1 that HOLLIS misascribes to part 2.

The heading abbreviations and the bibliographical abbreviations are the same as those used throughout these pages. In addition, Bethmann-Hollweg = Moritz August Bethmann-Hollweg, Der Civilprozeß des gemeinen Rechts in geschichtlicher Entwicklung, 6 vols. (Bonn 1864–1874).

After the list of authors and titles there is another list that gives the formal ‘metadata’ of the tome. The foliation in both physical volumes is regular; we have filled it in without comment where it is not visible. The register of part 1 indicates – and this seems to be accurate – that the signatures are A–Z, Aa–Zz, Aaa–Fff, all quaternions except A and Fff, which are ternions. That of part 2 indicates – and, once more, this seems to be accurate – that the signatures are A–Z, Aa–Zz, Aaa–Ddd, all quaternions except Ddd, which is a ternion. The title pages are on fol. 1r. In both physical volumes, the binder added the pastedowns and the freestanding endpapers.

Preliminary work on this list was done in the summer of 2013 by Dennis Mahoney and in the summer of 2014 by Shuting Lu. The Ames Foundation is grateful to them for their devotion to the task. Errors, which certainly exist and which are my responsibility, can be called to our attention by sending us an email.

Charles Donahue, Jr.
July, 2014



The following table lists the items in tome 3.1 in the order in which they appear. The notes give linked references to general information about the author that appears on a separate page and any particular information that we have about the item in question. The final column gives a linked reference the sequence number in the PDS where the item first appears.


item no. 1Gillotus, JoannesJoannes Gillotus BriennensisDe iurisdictione et imperio4313553t. 3.1, f. 2ra8  
noteGillot, Jean, sec. ?16. The topic was one of considerable interest, particularly in French circles, in the 16th century.    
item no. 2Gulielmus LuveranusGulielmus LuveranusArbor iurisdictionum4321185t. 3.1, f. 18va41  
noteLuveranus, Gulielmus, sec. ?16/1. Mistakenly placed in vol. 3.2 in HOLLIS. Listed as in both TUI 1584 and Lyon 1549. The text is preceded by an illustrated arbor, and the distinctions that it draws resemble those found in the Schema iurisdictionum that is incorporated in contemporary editions of the Corpus iuris civilis. HOLTI is longer: Tractatus in enchiridion dictus arbor jurisdictionum.    
item no. 3Crassis, Joannes deJoannes de GrassisArbor iudiciorum4313648t. 3.1, f. 22rb48  
noteGrassi, Giovanni, b. Castelnuovo Scrivia sec. 15/ineunte, d. Valenza Po 1473. Renzo Villata (DBI and DGI) doubts G’s authorship of this work on good grounds: The preface to the work refers to him in the third person. The work was almost certainly written by one of G’s students on the basis of his lectures.    
item no. 4Bertrand, PierrePetrus Bertrandus ViennensisDe origine iurisdictionum, seu de duabus potestatibus temporali, scilicet, ac spirituali4287864t. 3.1, f. 29va63  
noteBertrand, Pierre, b. Annonay ca. 1280, d. Pujaut 1349. The occasion of this item was the Assemblée de Vincennes of 1329. It was written in response to to Pierre de Cugnières, who espoused the royalist position.    
item no. 5OdofredusOdofredusBrevis et utilis tractatus iudiciorum in causis civilibus4342155t. 3.1, f. 32vb69  
noteOdofredo Denari (Odofredus de Denariis), b. Bologna sec. 13/ineunte, d. Bologna 1265. This work does not seem to be O’s. It is a variation on the Iberian ordo iudiciarius with the incipit Ad summariam noticiam, sometimes attributed to one of the canonists who were called ‘Petrus Hispanus’. The connection with O. may be that he used it in his lectures on procedure. See A. Pérez Martín, El derecho procesal del “ius commune” en España (Murcia 1999) 60-2.    
item no. 6Guido de SuzariaGuido de SuzariaDe ordine iudiciorum4368129t. 3.1, f. 34rb72  
noteGuido da Suzzara (de Suzaria), b. ?Suzzara [prov. Mantova] . . . , fl. 1247, d. Bologna 1293. Modern scholarship accepts G’s authorship of this work without much enthusiasm as to its quality (Mazzanti in DBI quoting Bethmann-Hollweg, [1874] 6.1.78: “ein unbedeutendes Büchlein über den Prozeß”).    
item no. 7Gentilis, JacobusJacobus Gentilis PerusinusDe ordine iudiciorum4312744t. 3.1, f. 41ra86  
noteGentili, Iacopo, da Perugia, sec. ?15. The title continues: et primo incipit flos causarum civilium. More work is clearly called for on this treatise and its author. What we can say is that the treatise is not the ordo that is sometimes attributed to Bartolus (Tractatus 1549, t.4, f. 6vb - 7vb), nor is it the ordo Ad summariam noticiam, though it could be derived from one or both of them. This treatise also appears in Tractatus 1549, t.4, f. 8ra - 11ra.    
item no. 8Tancred, ca. 1185-1236TancretusOrdinis iudiciarii tractatus3960404t. 3.1, f. 44ra92  
noteTancredi da Bologna (Tancredus Bononiensis), b. Bologna ca. 1185, d. Bologna ca. 1236. The HOLLIS record is for the ed. Göttingen 1842. This is probably T’s best-known work, witnessed in many manuscripts, and, ultimately, translated into both French and German.    
item no. 9Cantiuncula, Claudius, d. 1560?Claudius CantiunculaDe officio iudicis4294613t. 3.1, f. 72ra148  
noteCantiuncula, Claudius, b. Metz ca. 1490, d. Ensisheim 1549. HOLTI: De officio judicis libri duo. C’s authorship of this treatise is unquestioned.    
item no. 10Not in HOLLISM. M. RavaudusSpeculum iudicum t. 3.1, f. 84va173  
noteRavault, Martin, sec. 16. The work is also in Tractatus 1549, and there is a Paris ed. of 1517.    
item no. 11Reyvaert, Jacob, ca. 1535-1 568Jacobus Raevardus BurgensisProtribunalium liber singularis4354889t. 3.1, f. 87ra178  
noteRaevardus, Jacobus (Reyvaert, Jacob), b. Lissewege [prov. West-Vlaanderen, BEL] ca. 1535, d. Brugge 1568. The HOLLIS record is from ed. Naples 1779, which dates the work to 1565. In Index authorum t.3.1: ‘Jacobus Revardus, Qui dicantur dies sessionum.’ On the title page Qui dicantur etc. appears as the title of cap. j. WorldCat gives the original publication as Brugge, 1565. The coinage ‘protribunalium’ (apparently conceived of as a neuter noun) seems to be derived from D.38.15.2.    
item no. 12PlacentinusPlacentinusDe iudiciis et de traditione eorum in quovis iudico estimantur4350906t. 3.1, f. 92vb189  
notePlacentinus (Piacentino), b. Piacenza sec. 12/2, d. Montpellier ca. ?1181/2.    
item no. 13PlacentinusPlacentinusDe expediendis iudiciis4350906t. 3.1, f. 94rb192  
notePlacentinus (Piacentino), b. Piacenza sec. 12/2, d. Montpellier ca. ?1181/2. Not in Index Authorum in t. 3.1. May be a continuation of the preceding treatise.    
item no. 14Socini, Mariano, 1401-1467Marianus SocinusDe iudiciis4372298t. 3.1, f. 96va197  
noteSocini (Sozini, Soccini), Mariano, sr., b. Siena 1397, d. Siena 1467. The attribution of this work has not been doubted, but it is not a treatise in the normal sense of the term. Rather, it is a repetitio on X 2.1.20.    
item no. 15Massa, Antonio, 16th cent.Antonius Massa de GallesioDe iudiciis bonae fidei4338399t. 3.1, f. 101vb207  
noteMassa, Antonio, b. Gallese 1500, d. Roma 1568.    
item no. 16Matthaeis, Antonius, 16th cent.Antonius de Mattheis RomanoTractatus iudiciarius de prorogatione iurisdictionis et fori competentia ac de praeventione: de iure revocandi domum: de revocatione et reorum transmissione4338694t. 3.1, f. 105ra214  
noteMattei, Antonio (de), fl. 1541–1562.    
item no. 17Trochaeus, Joannes RogeraiusJoannes Rogeraius Trochaeus ParisiensisDe officio iudicis in causis capitalibus ex bono et aequo decidendis4365099t. 3.1, f. 129va261  
noteJoannes Rogeraius Trochaeus Parisiensis, sec. ?16/m. The BSB digitale Sammlung has ed. Lyon 1550. There is a duplicate entry for this item in HOLLIS no. 4368837.    
item no. 18Not in HOLLISClaudius SaturninusLibro pandectarum quadragesimo octavo capite XVI de poenis [D.48.19.16] t. 3.1, f. 136ra276  
noteJoannes Rogeraius Trochaeus Parisiensis, sec. ?16/m. Joannes Rogeraius Trochaeus Parisiensis, ?16th c. Not in Index authorum in v. 3.1. The item is an elaborate commentary on the cited and quoted Digest text of which the Roman author is Claudius Saturninus. The work is part of Trochaeus’ De officio iudicis.    
item no. 19Bianchi, Marcantonio, 1498-1548Marcus Antonius Blancus PatavinusDe compromissis faciendis inter conjunctos ex statutorum dispositione, et de exceptionibus ante litis ingressum4192207t. 3.1, f. 138va281  
noteBianchi, Marcantonio, b. Padova 1498, d. Padova 1548. HOLLIS entry is for separate publication in Lyon 1549.    
item no. 20Bianchi, Marcantonio, 1498-1548Marcus Antonius BlancusDe exceptionibus impedientibus litis ingressum4192207t. 3.1, f. 169rb342  
noteBianchi, Marcantonio, b. Padova 1498, d. Padova 1548. Not in Index authorum in v. 3.1. This is almost certainly part of the preceding treatise (separate author is not given), but what relationship it bears to it requires further exploration.    
item no. 21Bottrigari, Jacopo, 1274-1347Jacobus de Butrigarius BononiensisDe oppositione compromissi et de eius forma4287398t. 3.1, f. 206ra416  
noteIacopo Bottrigari, b. Bologna ca. 1274, d. Bologna 1348. HOLTI begins: Tractatus brevissimus sed mire conducibilis.    
item no. 22Oriano, Lanfranco da, d. 1488Lanfrancus de OrianoSolennins, utilis, quotidianus et practicabilis tractatus de arbitris; additis multis aliis questionibus clarissimorum doctorum, et nonnullis additionibus, et apostillis perutilissimis Benedicti de Vadis de foro Sempronii de novo insertis, et sub tali figno () [] notatis4334262t. 3.1, f. 206va417  
noteLanfranco da Oriano (Lanfrancus de Ariadno), b. Oriano 1400 X 1410, d. Brescia 1488. The author of the additiones and apostille (roughly the equivalent of footnotes) is Benedetto Vadi (de Vadis) (16th c.) of Fossombrone (prov. Pesara e Urbino).    
item no. 23Joannes Baptista [Alfani] PerusinusJoannes Baptista PerusinusTractatus egregius de arbitris et compromissis in libros 13 divisus4321218t. 3.1, f. 224vb453  
noteAlfani, Giovanni Battista, b. ?Perugia . . . , d. Perugia 1483.    
item no. 24Bartolo, of Sassoferrato, 1313-1357BartolusQuæstiones in materia arbitrorum cum additionibus Lanfranchini4192189t. 3.1, f. 294va593  
noteBartolo da Sassoferrato (Bartolus de Saxoferrato ), b. Venatura near Sassoferrato 1313/14, d. Perugia 1357. Not in the Index authorum of vol. 3.1. HOLLIS record refers to both Lyon 1549 and TUI 1584. The attribution of this treatise to Bartolus is not without doubt. Lange/Kriechbaum, Kommentatoren 728. So far as the author of the additiones is conerned, he is described later in the work as Jacobus Lanfranchinus Veronensis (?15th c.).    
item no. 25Joannes Baptista, de Sancto BlasioBaptista a Sancto Blasio PatavinusDe differentiis inter arbitrum et arbitratorem4321185t. 3.1, f. 296ra596  
noteBattista, da Sambiagio, b. Padova ca. 1425, d. ?Verona ?Brescia 1492.    
item no. 26Jacobi, Petrus, fl. 1311-1329Petrus Jacobus a Monte PessulanoDe arbitris et arbitratoribus4317874t. 3.1, f. 309va623  
noteJacobi (Jame d’Aurillac), Pierre, b. Aurillac ca. 1270, d. Clermont 1347. Whether this item is an extract from his better-known Practica aurea or a separate work requires further exploration.    
item no. 27Garzoni, Girolamo, 16th cent.Hieronymus Garzonius AuximatisDe laudo meri iuris4317168t. 3.1, f. 310rb624  
noteGarzoni, Girolamo, sec. 16.    
item no. 28Bartolo, of Sassoferrato, 1313-1357BartolusDe consiliis habendis4192207t. 3.1, f. 330va665  
noteBartolo da Sassoferrato (Bartolus de Saxoferrato ), b. Venatura near Sassoferrato 1313/14, d. Perugia 1357. HOLLIS 4192207 has both Lyon 1549 and TUI 1584. HOLLIS 4192043 refers only to TUI 1584. Bartolan authorship of this work is highly doubtful. He may have written additiones to it. Lange/Kriechbaum, Kommentatoren 729.    
item no. 29Scala, Pace, -1604Pax Scala PatavinusDe consilio sapientis in forensibus causis adhibendo libri IIII4008316t. 3.1, f. 331va667  
noteScala, Pace, b. ?Padova . . . , d. . . . 1604. HOLLIS entry if for the ed. Venice 1560.    
item no. 30Aufrère, Étienne d’ [d. 1511]Stephanus Aufrerius TholosanusDe recusatione4192545t. 3.1, f. 355va715  
noteAufréri, Étienne, b. Poitiers ca. 1458, d. Toulouse 1511. HOLLIS record is for both Lyon 1549 and TUI 1584. HOLTI begins: Tractatus practicis multum necessarius.    
item no. 31Oriano, Lanfranco da, d. 1488Lanfrancus de AriadnoDe recusationibus4334131t. 3.1, f. 359ra722  
noteLanfranco da Oriano (Lanfrancus de Ariadno), b. Oriano 1400 X 1410, d. Brescia 1488.    
item no. 32Caccialupi, Giovanni Battista, d. 1496Joannes Baptista de CaccialupisDe advocatis4288095t. 3.1, f. 359vb723  
noteCaccialupi, Giovanni Battista, b. San Severino Marche ca. 1425, d. Roma 1496.    
item no. 33Politi, LancelottoLancellotus PolitiDe officio advocati4351226t. 3.1, f. 362ra728  
notePoliti, Ambrogio Catarino (Lancellotto de), b. Siena 1484, d. Napoli 1553.    
item no. 34Ubaldi, Baldo degli, 1327?-1400Baldus de PerusioDe tabellionibus, cum aliquibus additionibus Martini de Fano4195558t. 3.1, f. 364va733  
noteBaldo degli Ubaldi (Baldus de Ubaldis, Baldus Perusinus), b. Perugia 1327, d. Pavia 1400. The author of the ‘additiones‘ is Martino del Cassero da Fano (b. Fano c. 1190, d. ?Bologna p. 1272). It is clear that Martino did not write additiones to the work of a man who was born a half a century after his death. Martino was, however, a well-known writer on procedure, so these ‘additiones‘ may be derived from a genuine work of his.    
item no. 35Crassis, Joannes deJoannes de GrassisDe substantialibus procuratorii, et de his quae contra illud obiici possunt, cum novis additionibus4313677t. 3.1, f. 366vb737  
noteGrassi, Giovanni, b. Castelnuovo Scrivia sec. 15/ineunte, d. Valenza Po 1473. The work is said to have ‘new additions’.    
item no. 36Poulvé, Adrien, 16th cent.Adrianus PulvaeusDe alienatione iudicii mutandi causa facta, deque litigiosis et actionum cessione4355207t. 3.1, f. 375va755  
notePoulvé, Adrien, fl. 1554 X 1590.    
item no. 37Severoli, Ercole, 16th cent.Hercules Severolus FaventiniDe remissionibus litigatorum4365099t. 3.1, f. 378va761  
noteSeveroli, Ercole, sec. 16.    
item no. 38Gutiérrez, JuanJoannes Guterius Placentini HispaniDe actibus iudicialibus iuratis4320824t. 3.1, f. 383ra770  
noteGutiérrez, Juan, b. Plasencia [prov. Cáceres] ca. 1535, d. Ciudad Rodrigo [prov. Salamanca] 1618. HOLTI begins: [Tractatus tripartitus de juramento confirmatorio]. pt. 3.    
item no. 39Zanetinis, Hieronymus deHyeronimus de Zanetinis BononiensisDe foro conscientiae et contentioso4376134t. 3.1, f. 405ra814  
noteZanettini (de Zanetinis), Girolamo, b. Bologna . . . , fl. 1457, d. Bologna 1493.    



Item Vol. Fol. Seq.
Spine t.3 p.1 no f. 1
Front cover t.3 p.1 no f. 2
Front pastedown, with bookplate t.3 p.1 no f. 3
Blank freestanding endpaper t.3 p.1 no f. 4
Blank freestanding endpaper t.3 p.1 no f. 5
Title Page: De iudiciis, pars prima t.3 p.1 [1r] 6
Index Auctorum t.3 p.1 [1v] 7
Joannes Gillotus Briennensis: De iurisdictione et imperio t.3 p.1 2r 8
t.3 p.1 2v 9
t.3 p.1 3r 10
t.3 p.1 3v 11
t.3 p.1 4r 12
t.3 p.1 4v 13
t.3 p.1 5r 14
t.3 p.1 5v 15
t.3 p.1 6r 16
t.3 p.1 6v 17
t.3 p.1 7r 18
t.3 p.1 7v 19
t.3 p.1 8r 20
t.3 p.1 8v 21
t.3 p.1 9r 22
t.3 p.1 9v 23
t.3 p.1 10r 24
t.3 p.1 10v 25
t.3 p.1 11r 26
t.3 p.1 11v 27
t.3 p.1 12r 28
t.3 p.1 12v 29
t.3 p.1 13r 30
t.3 p.1 13v 31
t.3 p.1 14r 32
t.3 p.1 14v 33
t.3 p.1 15r 34
t.3 p.1 15v 35
t.3 p.1 16r 36
t.3 p.1 16v 37
t.3 p.1 17r 38
t.3 p.1 17v 39
t.3 p.1 18r 40
Gulielmus Luveranus: Arbor iurisdictionum t.3 p.1 18v 41
t.3 p.1 19r 42
t.3 p.1 19v 43
t.3 p.1 20r 44
t.3 p.1 20v 45
t.3 p.1 21r 46
t.3 p.1 21v 47
Joannes de Grassis: Arbor iudiciorum t.3 p.1 22r 48
t.3 p.1 22v 49
t.3 p.1 23r 50
t.3 p.1 23v 51
t.3 p.1 24r 52
t.3 p.1 24v 53
t.3 p.1 25r 54
t.3 p.1 25v 55
t.3 p.1 26r 56
t.3 p.1 26v 57
t.3 p.1 27r 58
t.3 p.1 27v 59
t.3 p.1 28r 60
t.3 p.1 28v 61
t.3 p.1 29r 62
Petrus Bertrandus Viennensis: De origine iurisdictionum, seu de duabus potestatibus temporali, scilicet, ac spirituali t.3 p.1 29v 63
t.3 p.1 30r 64
t.3 p.1 30v 65
t.3 p.1 31r 66
t.3 p.1 31v 67
t.3 p.1 32r 68
Odofredus: Brevis et utilis tractatus iudiciorum in causis civilibus t.3 p.1 32v 69
t.3 p.1 33r 70
t.3 p.1 33v 71
Guido de Suzaria: De ordine iudiciorum t.3 p.1 34r 72
t.3 p.1 34v 73
t.3 p.1 35r 74
t.3 p.1 35v 75
t.3 p.1 36r 76
t.3 p.1 36v 77
t.3 p.1 37r 78
t.3 p.1 37v 79
t.3 p.1 38r 80
t.3 p.1 38v 81
t.3 p.1 39r 82
t.3 p.1 39v 83
t.3 p.1 40r 84
t.3 p.1 40v 85
Jacobus Gentilis Perusinus: De ordine iudiciorum t.3 p.1 41r 86
t.3 p.1 41v 87
t.3 p.1 42r 88
t.3 p.1 42v 89
t.3 p.1 43r 90
t.3 p.1 43v 91
Tancretus: Ordinis iudiciarii tractatus t.3 p.1 44r 92
t.3 p.1 44v 93
t.3 p.1 45r 94
t.3 p.1 45v 95
t.3 p.1 46r 96
t.3 p.1 46v 97
t.3 p.1 47r 98
t.3 p.1 47v 99
t.3 p.1 48r 100
t.3 p.1 48v 101
t.3 p.1 49r 102
t.3 p.1 49v 103
t.3 p.1 50r 104
t.3 p.1 50v 105
t.3 p.1 51r 106
t.3 p.1 51v 107
t.3 p.1 52r 108
t.3 p.1 52v 109
t.3 p.1 53r 110
t.3 p.1 53v 111
t.3 p.1 54r 112
t.3 p.1 54v 113
t.3 p.1 55r 114
t.3 p.1 55v 115
t.3 p.1 56r 116
t.3 p.1 56v 117
t.3 p.1 57r 118
t.3 p.1 57v 119
t.3 p.1 58r 120
t.3 p.1 58v 121
t.3 p.1 59r 122
t.3 p.1 59v 123
t.3 p.1 60r 124
t.3 p.1 60v 125
t.3 p.1 61r 126
t.3 p.1 61v 127
t.3 p.1 62r 128
t.3 p.1 62v 129
t.3 p.1 63r 130
t.3 p.1 63v 131
t.3 p.1 64r 132
t.3 p.1 64v 133
t.3 p.1 65r 134
t.3 p.1 65v 135
t.3 p.1 66r 136
t.3 p.1 66v 137
t.3 p.1 67r 138
t.3 p.1 67v 139
t.3 p.1 68r 140
t.3 p.1 68v 141
t.3 p.1 69r 142
t.3 p.1 69v 143
t.3 p.1 70r 144
t.3 p.1 70v 145
t.3 p.1 71r 146
t.3 p.1 71v 147
Claudius Cantiuncula : De officio iudicis t.3 p.1 72r 148
t.3 p.1 72v 149
t.3 p.1 73r 150
t.3 p.1 73v 151
t.3 p.1 74r 152
t.3 p.1 74v 153
t.3 p.1 75r 154
t.3 p.1 75v 155
t.3 p.1 76r 156
t.3 p.1 76v 157
t.3 p.1 77r 158
t.3 p.1 77v 159
t.3 p.1 78r 160
t.3 p.1 78v 161
t.3 p.1 79r 162
t.3 p.1 79v 163
t.3 p.1 80r 164
t.3 p.1 80v 165
t.3 p.1 81r 166
t.3 p.1 81v 167
t.3 p.1 82r 168
t.3 p.1 82v 169
t.3 p.1 83r 170
t.3 p.1 83v 171
t.3 p.1 84r 172
M. M. Ravaudus: Speculum iudicum t.3 p.1 84v 173
t.3 p.1 85r 174
t.3 p.1 85v 175
t.3 p.1 86r 176
t.3 p.1 86v 177
Jacobus Raevardus Burgensis: Protribunalium liber singularis t.3 p.1 87r 178
t.3 p.1 87v 179
t.3 p.1 88r 180
t.3 p.1 88v 181
t.3 p.1 89r 182
t.3 p.1 89v 183
t.3 p.1 90r 184
t.3 p.1 90v 185
t.3 p.1 91r 186
t.3 p.1 91v 187
t.3 p.1 92r 188
Placentinus: De iudiciis et de traditione eorum in quovis iudico estimantur t.3 p.1 92v 189
t.3 p.1 93r 190
t.3 p.1 93v 191
Placentinus: De expediendis iudiciis t.3 p.1 94r 192
t.3 p.1 94v 193
t.3 p.1 95r 194
t.3 p.1 95v 195
t.3 p.1 96r 196
Marianus Socinus: De iudiciis t.3 p.1 96v 197
t.3 p.1 97r 198
t.3 p.1 97v 199
t.3 p.1 98r 200
t.3 p.1 98v 201
t.3 p.1 99r 202
t.3 p.1 99v 203
t.3 p.1 100r 204
t.3 p.1 100v 205
t.3 p.1 101r 206
Antonius Massa de Gallesio: De iudiciis bonae fidei t.3 p.1 101v 207
t.3 p.1 102r 208
t.3 p.1 102v 209
t.3 p.1 103r 210
t.3 p.1 103v 211
t.3 p.1 104r 212
t.3 p.1 104v 213
Antonius de Mattheis Romano: Tractatus iudiciarius de prorogatione iurisdictionis et fori competentia ac de praeventione t.3 p.1 105r 214
t.3 p.1 105v 215
t.3 p.1 106r 216
t.3 p.1 106v 217
t.3 p.1 107r 218
t.3 p.1 107v 219
t.3 p.1 108r 220
t.3 p.1 108v 221
t.3 p.1 109r 222
t.3 p.1 109v 223
t.3 p.1 110r 224
t.3 p.1 110v 225
t.3 p.1 111r 226
t.3 p.1 111v 227
t.3 p.1 112r 228
t.3 p.1 112v 229
t.3 p.1 113r 230
t.3 p.1 113v 231
t.3 p.1 114r 232
t.3 p.1 114v 233
t.3 p.1 115r 234
t.3 p.1 115v 235
t.3 p.1 116r 236
t.3 p.1 116v 237
t.3 p.1 117r 238
t.3 p.1 117v 239
t.3 p.1 118r 240
t.3 p.1 118v 241
t.3 p.1 119r 242
t.3 p.1 119v 243
t.3 p.1 120r 244
t.3 p.1 120v 245
t.3 p.1 121r 246
t.3 p.1 121v 247
t.3 p.1 122r 248
t.3 p.1 122v 249
t.3 p.1 123r 250
t.3 p.1 123v 251
t.3 p.1 124r 252
t.3 p.1 124v 253
t.3 p.1 125r 254
t.3 p.1 125v 255
t.3 p.1 126r 256
t.3 p.1 126v 257
t.3 p.1 127r 258
t.3 p.1 127v 259
t.3 p.1 128r 260
t.3 p.1 128v 261
t.3 p.1 129r 262
Joannes Rogeraius Trochaeus Parisiensis: De officio iudicis in causis capitalibus ex bono et aequo decidendis t.3 p.1 129v 263
t.3 p.1 130r 264
t.3 p.1 130v 265
t.3 p.1 131r 266
t.3 p.1 131v 267
t.3 p.1 132r 268
t.3 p.1 132v 269
t.3 p.1 133r 270
t.3 p.1 133v 271
t.3 p.1 134r 272
t.3 p.1 134v 273
t.3 p.1 135r 274
t.3 p.1 135v 275
Claudius Saturninus: Libro pandectarum quadragesimo octavo capite XVI de poenis [D.48.19.16] t.3 p.1 136r 276
t.3 p.1 136v 277
t.3 p.1 137r 278
t.3 p.1 137v 279
t.3 p.1 138r 280
Marcus Antonius Blancus Patavinus: De compromissis faciendis inter conjunctos ex statutorum dispositione, et de exceptionibus ante litis ingressum t.3 p.1 138v 281
t.3 p.1 139r 282
t.3 p.1 139v 283
t.3 p.1 140r 284
t.3 p.1 140v 285
t.3 p.1 141r 286
t.3 p.1 141v 287
t.3 p.1 142r 288
t.3 p.1 142v 289
t.3 p.1 143r 290
t.3 p.1 143v 291
t.3 p.1 144r 292
t.3 p.1 144v 293
t.3 p.1 145r 294
t.3 p.1 145v 295
t.3 p.1 146r 296
t.3 p.1 146v 297
t.3 p.1 147r 298
t.3 p.1 147v 299
t.3 p.1 148r 300
t.3 p.1 148v 301
t.3 p.1 149r 302
t.3 p.1 149v 303
t.3 p.1 150r 304
t.3 p.1 150v 305
t.3 p.1 151r 306
t.3 p.1 151v 307
t.3 p.1 152r 308
t.3 p.1 152v 309
t.3 p.1 153r 310
t.3 p.1 153v 311
t.3 p.1 154r 312
t.3 p.1 154v 313
t.3 p.1 155r 314
t.3 p.1 155v 315
t.3 p.1 156r 316
t.3 p.1 156v 317
t.3 p.1 157r 318
t.3 p.1 157v 319
t.3 p.1 158r 320
t.3 p.1 158v 321
t.3 p.1 159r 322
t.3 p.1 159v 323
t.3 p.1 160r 324
t.3 p.1 160v 325
t.3 p.1 161r 326
t.3 p.1 161v 327
t.3 p.1 162r 328
t.3 p.1 162v 329
t.3 p.1 163r 330
t.3 p.1 163v 331
t.3 p.1 164r 332
t.3 p.1 164v 333
t.3 p.1 165r 334
t.3 p.1 165v 335
t.3 p.1 166r 336
t.3 p.1 166v 337
t.3 p.1 167r 338
t.3 p.1 167v 339
t.3 p.1 168r 340
t.3 p.1 168v 341
Marcus Antonius Blancus: De exceptionibus impedientibus litis ingressum t.3 p.1 169r 342
t.3 p.1 169v 343
t.3 p.1 170r 344
t.3 p.1 170v 345
t.3 p.1 171r 346
t.3 p.1 171v 347
t.3 p.1 172r 348
t.3 p.1 172v 349
t.3 p.1 173r 350
t.3 p.1 173v 351
t.3 p.1 174r 352
t.3 p.1 174v 353
t.3 p.1 175r 354
t.3 p.1 175v 355
t.3 p.1 176r 356
t.3 p.1 176v 357
t.3 p.1 177r 358
t.3 p.1 177v 359
t.3 p.1 178r 360
t.3 p.1 178v 361
t.3 p.1 179r 362
t.3 p.1 179v 363
t.3 p.1 180r 364
t.3 p.1 180v 365
t.3 p.1 181r 366
t.3 p.1 181v 367
t.3 p.1 182r 368
t.3 p.1 182v 369
t.3 p.1 183r 370
t.3 p.1 183v 371
t.3 p.1 184r 372
t.3 p.1 184v 373
t.3 p.1 185r 374
t.3 p.1 185v 375
t.3 p.1 186r 376
t.3 p.1 186v 377
t.3 p.1 187r 378
t.3 p.1 187v 379
t.3 p.1 188r 380
t.3 p.1 188v 381
t.3 p.1 189r 382
t.3 p.1 189v 383
t.3 p.1 190r 384
t.3 p.1 190v 385
t.3 p.1 191r 386
t.3 p.1 191v 387
t.3 p.1 192r 388
t.3 p.1 192v 389
t.3 p.1 193r 390
t.3 p.1 193v 391
t.3 p.1 194r 392
t.3 p.1 194v 393
t.3 p.1 195r 394
t.3 p.1 195v 395
t.3 p.1 196r 396
t.3 p.1 196v 397
t.3 p.1 197r 398
t.3 p.1 197v 399
t.3 p.1 198r 400
t.3 p.1 198v 401
t.3 p.1 199r 402
t.3 p.1 199v 403
t.3 p.1 200r 404
t.3 p.1 200v 405
t.3 p.1 201r 406
t.3 p.1 201v 407
t.3 p.1 202r 408
t.3 p.1 202v 409
t.3 p.1 203r 410
t.3 p.1 203v 411
t.3 p.1 204r 412
t.3 p.1 204v 413
t.3 p.1 205r 414
t.3 p.1 205v 415
Jacobus de Butrigarius Bononiensis: De oppositione compromissi et de eius forma t.3 p.1 206r 416
Lanfrancus de Oriano: Solennins, utilis, quotidianus et practicabilis tractatus de arbitris t.3 p.1 206v 417
t.3 p.1 207r 418
t.3 p.1 207v 419
t.3 p.1 208r 420
t.3 p.1 208v 421
t.3 p.1 209r 422
t.3 p.1 209v 423
t.3 p.1 210r 424
t.3 p.1 210v 425
t.3 p.1 211r 426
t.3 p.1 211v 427
t.3 p.1 212r 428
t.3 p.1 212v 429
t.3 p.1 213r 430
t.3 p.1 213v 431
t.3 p.1 214r 432
t.3 p.1 214v 433
t.3 p.1 215r 434
t.3 p.1 215v 435
t.3 p.1 216r 436
t.3 p.1 216v 437
t.3 p.1 217r 438
t.3 p.1 217v 439
t.3 p.1 218r 440
t.3 p.1 218v 441
t.3 p.1 219r 442
t.3 p.1 219v 443
t.3 p.1 220r 444
t.3 p.1 220v 445
t.3 p.1 221r 446
t.3 p.1 221v 447
t.3 p.1 222r 448
t.3 p.1 222v 449
t.3 p.1 223r 450
t.3 p.1 223v 451
t.3 p.1 224r 452
Joannes Baptista Perusinus: Tractatus egregius de arbitris et compromissis in libros 13 divisus t.3 p.1 224v 453
t.3 p.1 225r 454
t.3 p.1 225v 455
t.3 p.1 226r 456
t.3 p.1 226v 457
t.3 p.1 227r 458
t.3 p.1 227v 459
t.3 p.1 228r 460
t.3 p.1 228v 461
t.3 p.1 229r 462
t.3 p.1 229v 463
t.3 p.1 230r 464
t.3 p.1 230v 465
t.3 p.1 231r 466
t.3 p.1 231v 467
t.3 p.1 232r 468
t.3 p.1 232v 469
t.3 p.1 233r 470
t.3 p.1 233v 471
t.3 p.1 234r 472
t.3 p.1 234v 473
t.3 p.1 235r 474
t.3 p.1 235v 475
t.3 p.1 236r 476
t.3 p.1 236v 477
t.3 p.1 237r 478
t.3 p.1 237v 479
t.3 p.1 238r 480
t.3 p.1 238v 481
t.3 p.1 239r 482
t.3 p.1 239v 483
t.3 p.1 240r 484
t.3 p.1 240v 485
t.3 p.1 241r 486
t.3 p.1 241v 487
t.3 p.1 242r 488
t.3 p.1 242v 489
t.3 p.1 243r 490
t.3 p.1 243v 491
t.3 p.1 244r 492
t.3 p.1 244v 493
t.3 p.1 245r 494
t.3 p.1 245v 495
t.3 p.1 246r 496
t.3 p.1 246v 497
t.3 p.1 247r 498
t.3 p.1 247v 499
t.3 p.1 248r 500
t.3 p.1 248v 501
t.3 p.1 249r 502
t.3 p.1 249v 503
t.3 p.1 250r 504
t.3 p.1 250v 505
t.3 p.1 251r 506
t.3 p.1 251v 507
t.3 p.1 252r 508
t.3 p.1 252v 509
t.3 p.1 253r 510
t.3 p.1 253v 511
t.3 p.1 254r 512
t.3 p.1 254v 513
t.3 p.1 255r 514
t.3 p.1 255v 515
t.3 p.1 256r 516
t.3 p.1 256v 517
t.3 p.1 257r 518
t.3 p.1 257v 519
t.3 p.1 258r 520
t.3 p.1 258v 521
t.3 p.1 259r 522
t.3 p.1 259v 523
t.3 p.1 260r 524
t.3 p.1 260v 525
t.3 p.1 261r 526
t.3 p.1 261v 527
t.3 p.1 262r 528
t.3 p.1 262v 529
t.3 p.1 263r 530
t.3 p.1 263v 531
t.3 p.1 264r 532
t.3 p.1 264v 533
t.3 p.1 265r 534
t.3 p.1 265v 535
t.3 p.1 266r 536
t.3 p.1 266v 537
t.3 p.1 267r 538
t.3 p.1 267v 539
t.3 p.1 268r 540
t.3 p.1 268v 541
t.3 p.1 269r 542
t.3 p.1 269v 543
t.3 p.1 270r 544
t.3 p.1 270v 545
t.3 p.1 271r 546
t.3 p.1 271v 547
t.3 p.1 272r 548
t.3 p.1 272v 549
t.3 p.1 273r 550
t.3 p.1 273v 551
t.3 p.1 274r 552
t.3 p.1 274v 553
t.3 p.1 275r 554
t.3 p.1 275v 555
t.3 p.1 276r 556
t.3 p.1 276v 557
t.3 p.1 277r 558
t.3 p.1 277v 559
t.3 p.1 278r 560
t.3 p.1 278v 561
t.3 p.1 279r 562
t.3 p.1 279v 563
t.3 p.1 280r 564
t.3 p.1 280v 565
t.3 p.1 281r 566
t.3 p.1 281v 567
t.3 p.1 282r 568
t.3 p.1 282v 569
t.3 p.1 283r 570
t.3 p.1 283v 571
t.3 p.1 284r 572
Wrong running head t.3 p.1 284v 573
t.3 p.1 285r 574
t.3 p.1 285v 575
t.3 p.1 286r 576
t.3 p.1 286v 577
t.3 p.1 287r 578
t.3 p.1 287v 579
t.3 p.1 288r 580
t.3 p.1 288v 581
t.3 p.1 289r 582
t.3 p.1 289v 583
t.3 p.1 290r 584
t.3 p.1 290v 585
t.3 p.1 291r 586
t.3 p.1 291v 587
t.3 p.1 292r 588
t.3 p.1 292v 589
t.3 p.1 293r 590
t.3 p.1 293v 591
t.3 p.1 294r 592
Bartolus: Quæstiones Bartoli in materia arbitrorum cum additionibus Lanfranchini t.3 p.1 294v 593
t.3 p.1 295r 594
t.3 p.1 295v 595
Baptista a Sancto Blasio Patavinus: De differentiis inter arbitrum et arbitratorem t.3 p.1 296r 596
t.3 p.1 296v 597
t.3 p.1 297r 598
t.3 p.1 297v 599
t.3 p.1 298r 600
t.3 p.1 298v 601
t.3 p.1 299r 602
t.3 p.1 299v 603
t.3 p.1 300r 604
t.3 p.1 300v 605
t.3 p.1 301r 606
t.3 p.1 301v 607
t.3 p.1 302r 608
t.3 p.1 302v 609
t.3 p.1 303r 610
t.3 p.1 303v 611
t.3 p.1 304r 612
t.3 p.1 304v 613
t.3 p.1 305r 614
t.3 p.1 305v 615
t.3 p.1 306r 616
t.3 p.1 306v 617
t.3 p.1 307r 618
t.3 p.1 307v 619
t.3 p.1 308r 620
t.3 p.1 308v 621
t.3 p.1 309r 622
Petrus Jacobus a Monte Pessulano: De arbitris et arbitratoribus t.3 p.1 309v 623
Hieronymus Garzonius Auximatis: De laudo meri iuris t.3 p.1 310r 624
t.3 p.1 310v 625
t.3 p.1 311r 626
t.3 p.1 311v 627
t.3 p.1 312r 628
t.3 p.1 312v 629
t.3 p.1 313r 630
t.3 p.1 313v 631
t.3 p.1 314r 632
t.3 p.1 314v 633
t.3 p.1 315r 634
t.3 p.1 315v 635
t.3 p.1 316r 636
t.3 p.1 316v 637
t.3 p.1 317r 638
t.3 p.1 317v 639
t.3 p.1 318r 640
t.3 p.1 318v 641
t.3 p.1 319r 642
t.3 p.1 319v 643
t.3 p.1 320r 644
t.3 p.1 320v 645
t.3 p.1 321r 646
t.3 p.1 321v 647
t.3 p.1 322r 648
t.3 p.1 322v 649
t.3 p.1 323r 650
t.3 p.1 323v 651
t.3 p.1 324r 652
t.3 p.1 324v 653
t.3 p.1 325r 654
t.3 p.1 325v 655
t.3 p.1 326r 656
t.3 p.1 326v 657
t.3 p.1 327r 658
t.3 p.1 327v 659
t.3 p.1 328r 660
t.3 p.1 328v 661
t.3 p.1 329r 662
t.3 p.1 329v 663
t.3 p.1 330r 664
Bartolus: De consiliis habendis t.3 p.1 330v 665
t.3 p.1 331r 666
Pacius Scala Patavinus: De consilio sapientis in forensibus causis adhibendo libri IIII t.3 p.1 331v 667
t.3 p.1 332r 668
t.3 p.1 332v 669
t.3 p.1 333r 670
t.3 p.1 333v 671
t.3 p.1 334r 672
t.3 p.1 334v 673
t.3 p.1 335r 674
t.3 p.1 335v 675
t.3 p.1 336r 676
t.3 p.1 336v 677
t.3 p.1 337r 678
t.3 p.1 337v 679
t.3 p.1 338r 680
t.3 p.1 338v 681
t.3 p.1 339r 682
t.3 p.1 339v 683
t.3 p.1 340r 684
t.3 p.1 340v 685
t.3 p.1 341r 686
t.3 p.1 341v 687
t.3 p.1 342r 688
t.3 p.1 342v 689
t.3 p.1 343r 690
t.3 p.1 343v 691
t.3 p.1 344r 692
t.3 p.1 344v 693
t.3 p.1 345r 694
t.3 p.1 345v 695
t.3 p.1 346r 696
t.3 p.1 346v 697
t.3 p.1 347r 698
t.3 p.1 347v 699
t.3 p.1 348r 700
t.3 p.1 348v 701
t.3 p.1 349r 702
t.3 p.1 349v 703
t.3 p.1 350r 704
t.3 p.1 350v 705
t.3 p.1 351r 706
t.3 p.1 351v 707
t.3 p.1 352r 708
t.3 p.1 352v 709
t.3 p.1 353r 710
t.3 p.1 353v 711
t.3 p.1 354r 712
t.3 p.1 354v 713
t.3 p.1 355r 714
Stephanus Aufrerius  Tholosanus: De recusatione t.3 p.1 355v 715
t.3 p.1 356r 716
t.3 p.1 356v 717
t.3 p.1 357r 718
t.3 p.1 357v 719
t.3 p.1 358r 720
t.3 p.1 358v 721
Lanfrancus de Ariadno: De recusationibus t.3 p.1 359r 722
Joannes Baptiste de Caccialupis: De advocatis t.3 p.1 359v 723
t.3 p.1 360r 724
t.3 p.1 360v 725
t.3 p.1 361r 726
t.3 p.1 361v 727
Lancellotus Politus : De officio advocati t.3 p.1 362r 728
t.3 p.1 362v 729
t.3 p.1 363r 730
t.3 p.1 363v 731
t.3 p.1 364r 732
Baldus de Perusio: De tabellionibus, cum aliquibus additionibus Martini de Fano t.3 p.1 364v 733
t.3 p.1 365r 734
t.3 p.1 365v 735
t.3 p.1 366r 736
Joannes de Grassis: De substantialibus procuratorii, et de his quae contra illud obiici possunt, cum novis additionibus t.3 p.1 366v 737
t.3 p.1 367r 738
t.3 p.1 367v 739
t.3 p.1 368r 740
t.3 p.1 368v 741
t.3 p.1 369r 742
t.3 p.1 369v 743
t.3 p.1 370r 744
t.3 p.1 370v 745
t.3 p.1 371r 746
t.3 p.1 371v 747
t.3 p.1 372r 748
t.3 p.1 372v 749
t.3 p.1 373r 750
t.3 p.1 373v 751
t.3 p.1 374r 752
t.3 p.1 374v 753
t.3 p.1 375r 754
Adrianus Pulva: De alienatione iudicii mutandi causa facta, deque litigiosis et actionum cessione t.3 p.1 375v 755
t.3 p.1 376r 756
t.3 p.1 376v 757
t.3 p.1 377r 758
t.3 p.1 377v 759
t.3 p.1 378r 760
Hercules Severolus Faventini: De remissionibus litigatorum t.3 p.1 378v 761
t.3 p.1 379r 762
t.3 p.1 379v 763
t.3 p.1 380r 764
t.3 p.1 380v 765
t.3 p.1 381r 766
t.3 p.1 381v 767
t.3 p.1 382r 768
t.3 p.1 382v 769
Joannes Guterius Placentini Hispani: De actibus iudicialibus iuratis t.3 p.1 383r 770
t.3 p.1 383v 771
t.3 p.1 384r 772
t.3 p.1 384v 773
t.3 p.1 385r 774
t.3 p.1 385v 775
t.3 p.1 386r 776
t.3 p.1 386v 777
t.3 p.1 387r 778
t.3 p.1 387v 779
t.3 p.1 388r 780
t.3 p.1 388v 781
t.3 p.1 389r 782
t.3 p.1 389v 783
t.3 p.1 390r 784
t.3 p.1 390v 785
t.3 p.1 391r 786
t.3 p.1 391v 787
t.3 p.1 392r 788
t.3 p.1 392v 789
t.3 p.1 393r 790
t.3 p.1 393v 791
t.3 p.1 394r 792
t.3 p.1 394v 793
t.3 p.1 395r 794
t.3 p.1 395v 795
t.3 p.1 396r 796
t.3 p.1 396v 797
t.3 p.1 397r 798
t.3 p.1 397v 799
t.3 p.1 398r 800
t.3 p.1 398v 801
t.3 p.1 399r 802
t.3 p.1 399v 803
t.3 p.1 400r 804
t.3 p.1 400v 805
t.3 p.1 401r 806
t.3 p.1 401v 807
t.3 p.1 402r 808
t.3 p.1 402v 809
t.3 p.1 403r 810
t.3 p.1 403v 811
t.3 p.1 404r 812
t.3 p.1 404v 813
Hyeronimus de Zanetinis Bononienis: De foro conscientiae et contentioso t.3 p.1 405r 814
t.3 p.1 405v 815
t.3 p.1 406r 816
t.3 p.1 406v 817
t.3 p.1 407r 818
t.3 p.1 407v 819
t.3 p.1 408r 820
t.3 p.1 408v 821
t.3 p.1 409r 822
t.3 p.1 409v 823
t.3 p.1 410r 824
t.3 p.1 410v 825
t.3 p.1 411r 826
t.3 p.1 411v 827
t.3 p.1 412r 828
Finis. Registrum t.3 p.1 412v 829
Blank freestanding endpaper t.3 p.1 no f. 830
Blank freestanding endpaper t.3 p.1 no f. 831
Back pastedown t.3 p.1 no f. 832
Back cover t.3 p.1 no f. 833




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