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Report No. t291

Petrus de Biaxio

fl. 1511


Alternative Names

Petrus de Baisio



The first edition of P’s Directorium electionum (TUI 1584 t. 18) was published by Jean Petit in Paris in 1511. Not all of it is available online, but what is available makes clear that P. called himself ‘Petrus [?de] Biaxio’, a councillor in the region of Navarre, and a licentiatus in utroque. The work was reprinted in Tractatus 1549, and the Lyon printers, not making any sense of ‘Biaxio’, changed it to ‘Baisio’. The Venetian printers in 1584 should have known better. ‘Biaxio’ is Venetian dialect for ‘Blaise’ as it is in some dialects of Portuguese. Since the name is found at both ends of the Romance-speaking regions, one would hesitate to guess about P’s origins.

Source: CERL Thesaurus.

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