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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. t290

Albertus de Pergamo

sec. ?15


Alternative Names

Albertus de Pergamo



P’s De praepositionibus (TUI 1584 t. 18) was, so far as we can tell, first printed in Tractatus 1549. It was reprinted after 1584 as an annex to Johann Strauch’s Lexicon Particularum Iuris, Seu De Usu Et Efficacia Quorundam Syncategorematum, Et Particularum Indeclinabilium: In Usum Inprimis Praxi Iuridicae Operantium, Tamq[ue] causas in foro orantium, quam Consulentium & Iudicantium (Frankfurt 1671). That probably accounts for the fact that the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek puts A’s floruit around 1600. He is clearly earlier than thaTUI 1584 t. The work includes more than prepositions. There are also some adverbs and adjectives. The citations are almost all to the basic works of the two corpora, with an occasional citation to a classical author and very few to jurists. The latest that we found was to Paulus de Liazariis (d. 1356), but we did not check all the citations. Tractatus 1549, but not TUI 1584, says that he was a jurisconsulTUI 1584 t. That is possible but not required, given the work. The Deutsche Nationalbibliothek says that he was a monk. That is also possible, but, once more, not, so far as we can tell, required by the work, and is not supported by either Jöcher or Zedler, whom they cite.

Source: CERL Thesaurus.

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