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Report No. t261

Bonus de Curtili

fl. 1528


Alternative Names

Buono de Cortili



The first edition of the De nobilitate (TUI 1584 t. 16) was published in Lyon in 1528 with the title Nobilitatis fertilis et perutilis tractatus in quo omnis nobilitatis materia: hactenus dispersa et pene incognita: eleganti stylo [et] ordine: perfecte et cumulate traditur (online). The author is described, and describes himself, as a doctor in utroque and gives his toponym as ‘brixiensis’. The work is dedicated to Carlo [III], duke of Savoy (1504–1553), whom C., quite blasphemously, calls ‘divus’, and to one of his officials. That is probably enough, pending further investigation, to assign a place of origin and a floruit date to him. Library cataloguers vary considerably as to how to render the surname (‘de Curtili’). Neither ‘Cortili’ nor ‘Curtili’ is found in Ganino Cognomini Italiani. We rather suspect that the second element in C’s name is the modern ‘Curtolo’, which is found in the Veneto, but changing it to that would make him even harder to find. The De nobilitate was reprinted in Tractatus 1549, and not again, so far as we can tell, after 1584.

Source: Not in DGI. Not in Italian edit16. CERL Thesaurus.

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