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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. t216

Troilus Malvetius

d. 1495


Alternative Names

Troilo Malvezzi



The dedication of what seems to be the first printing of T’s De sortibus (Bologna Ugo Rugerius ?1490) (also TUI 1584, t. 11.2) is to one A.G. who is described as the chancellor of the Bolognese Academy. If A.G. ccould be identified, that would help to tie down the date. In the dedication T. describes himself as doctor utriusque iuris and a canon of Bologna. This edition also contains a consilium by T. De commenda beneficiorum. To T. is also ascribed the tabula of Andreas Barbatius De praestantia cardinalium (Bologna: Ugo Rugerius 1487) and a tract De oblationibus ecclesiae (TUI 1584, t. 14), printed in the same work. His De canonisatione Sanctorum (TUI 1584, t. 14) was published in the same year by Rugerius (GW M20167, sn. Troilus Malvitius). On the basis of the reference in this work to the death of Simon of Trent in 1475, T. Wetzstein was able to establish firm bracketing dates for the writing of this treatise. Heilige vor Gericht, 288 n. 248. He cites (ibid.) D. Maffei’s edition of Martinus Garati’s Tractatus de canonizatione sanctorum (Studi senesi, [1988] Supplementum, 580–603) for the proposition that T. was murdered in 1495.

Source: CERL Thesaurus.

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