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Bartholomeus de Spina



Alternative Names

Bartholomeus Spineus; Bartolomeo Spina



B. was a Dominican and a theologian who taught at Padova from 1526. He is best known for his disputes with Pietro Pompnazzi and Cardinal Cajetan on the topic of the immortality of the soul. In 1542 he was made Maestro del Palazzo Apostolico. Pope Paul III nominated him to the commission of theologians who were prepare questions for discussion at the council of Trent. The three tracts in TUI 1584 (t. 11.2) would seem to have been first published Venezia 1525, and they all seem to be directed against Ponginibbi. They were later republished together with the well-known Malleus maleficarum of Springer and Krämer. We have not attempted to explore the variations in the editions.

Source: Not in DGI. Brief notice in Encyclopedia italiana.

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