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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. t204

Bernardus Laurentius

d. 1495


Alternative Names

Bernard Lauret



B., having studied at the university of Montpellier, was professor there in utroque from at least 1455, a title that he retained throughout his long career, although it is doubtful how much teaching he actually did after the focus of his career moved to the parlement of Toulouse. From 1461 he was the king’s advocate in the parlement. In 1472 he became premier président of the parlement, a position that he held until his death. His Casus in quibus iudex saecularis potest manus in personas clericorum sine metu excommunicationis imponere (TUI 1584, t. 11.1, repeated in t. 16), perhaps written while he was still teaching at Montpellier, enjoyed a great printing success and is taken as an indication of the growing dominance of secular over ecclesiastical jurisdiction in this period.

Source: P. Arabeyre, in DHJF.

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