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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. t199

Joannes Thierry

1st half of 16th c.


Alternative Names

Jean Thierry



There are two entries in the Thesaurus that seem to refer to the same man. The first one is based on the authority file of the Bibliothèque nationale, the second on that of the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek. Both identify J. as coming from Langres (‘Lingonensis’) and both list a large number of juristic works in both Roman and canon law, with a balance in favor of the latter, to which T. made some kind of editorial contribution, such as compiling the alphabetical index. There are also a couple of works more of a religious than of a juridical nature. Some of these works add the agnomen ‘minimus’ to his name; a number describe him as a doctor in utroque. The vast majority of these works were published in Lyon, and the range of dates seems to be from 1516–1549. None of the listed works is his Tractatus totam materiam fugae laconice complectens (TUI 1548, t. 11.1), which seems to have first been published in Tractatus 1549, appeared in a collection of tractatus by various authors (Lyon 1552), and does not seem to have been published again after its printing in TUI 1584 (WorldCat). Although the work does contain citations to canon law, it is mostly devoted to Roman law. We are thus not completely confident in identifying the author of this work with the man who served as éditeur scientifique for various Lyon publishers, but the identification with Langres makes it likely that he is.

Source: Not in DHJF. CERL Thesaurus (1); CERL Thesaurus (2).

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