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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. t190

Thomas de Piperata

c. 1230 – a. 1282


Alternative Names

Tommaso da Piperata (di Peverata, degli Sturlitti)



Despite recent efforts to construct his biography from manuscript sources of his works, much is still not known about T. The second element in his name, which has wide variation in spelling in the manuscript sources, looks like a toponym, but it is not. It exists as an Italian surname today but is not found on the Cognomini Italiani website. A derivation from Latin piper seems likely. What is clear is that T. was a member of the Sturlitti, a noble Bolognese family of the period, with probable origins in Budrio. As such T. appears in Bolognese documents of the period and seems ultimately to have been exiled for his family’s support of the Lambertazza faction. His place of death is unknown. That he had doctorate in civil law and that he taught at Bologna is clear. Most of his works remain in manuscript, including an important collection of quaestiones. He is known for his tractate De fama (TUI 1584, 11.1), an important step in the development of the criminal law of the ius commune.

Source: A. Padovani, in DGI.

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