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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. t167

Nicolaus Faianus

fl. 1394–1397


Alternative Names

None known



N. is obscure indeed. We have found no biographical account of him or identification in a library authority file. That he is identified as `Viterbensis’ in TUI 1584 suggests that he is probably to be identified with the `nobilis et egregius doctor legum Nicolaus Faianus de Viterbo’ who appears as one of a group of proctors in a political settlement in the Marche, dated 1394, found in the archives of Iesi (L. Colini-Baldeschi, ‘Alcuni documenti’ 171). He is also probably the ‘Nicholaus Faianus de Viterbio’, who is one of a number of signers of a consilium, probably to be dated in 1397, on the Florentine statute about dowry found in Vat. Ott. lat. 1727, fol. 160r–172v (online catalogue).

Source: Not in any online library authority files of which we are aware. Archival sources indicated in the biography.

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