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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. t166

Joannes Garonis

fl. 1407


Alternative Names

?Jean de Garons



J. is obscure. As a surname ‘Garon’ is very rare. There is, however, a Garons (dép. Gard). It seems likely that ‘Garonis’ is a toponym and that we should be thinking of a Jean de Garons. On the basis of the early printings of his only known work, we conclude in the TUI database that it seems likely that a Jean de Garons, doctor of civil law, gave what might have been his ‘inaugural lecture’ or a repetitio on C.5.9 as a professor at the university of Avignon in 1407. We have so far found nothing more about him. He may have died young.

Source: German national authority file.

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