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Report No. t164

Bernardinus Aquilanus



Alternative Names

Bernardino d’Aquila (da Fossa, né Giovanni Amici), saint



B. was a well-known Franciscan preacher and writer, who, after having received a doctorate in law at Perugia, took the name Bernardino in religion after the famous Franciscan saint Bernardino da Siena. There can be little doubt that he is the author of the treatise, or extract from a sermon, that is printed in TUI 1584, t. 9, under the name of ‘Beatus Bernardinus Aquilanus’. The only objection would be that B. was not officially declared a saint until 1828, but he seems to have been regarded as such by his order long before that.

Source: Not in DGI. R. Pratesi, in DBI s.n. Amici, Giovanni.

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