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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. t160

Antonius Gubertius Costanus

fl. 1558–?1579


Alternative Names

?Antoine Gobert



We are unsure how to render ‘Costanus’, which appears on the title pages of all of A’s works, into the vernacular. Antonius Gubertius may be Antoine Gobert, a plausible French name, but Costanus does not fit. There was pastor of a Protestant church in Paris in the mid-16th century named ‘Costanus’ (R. Kingdon, 88), but he is almost certainly not our Costanus. Donahue (58–9) attempts to reconstruct A’s career on the basis of his published writings and concludes that he was a parlementaire of Toulouse, probably a professor at the university, that he was alive and writing between 1558 and 1563, that he was probably still alive in 1578, when the De sponsalibus (TUI 1584, t. 9) was first published, and that he was probably not a Protestant but that his views on the issues about which wrote were acceptable to Protestants.

Source: Donahue, ‘Humanists’, 58–9.

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