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Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists

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Report No. r445

Nicolaus de Colle Corvino

fl. mid. 14th c.


Alternative Names

Nicolaus de Collecorvino; Nicolaus de Corbino



Nicolaus was a member of the Dominican order of Naples in 1337. He wrote an alphabetical abbreviation of Gratian’s Decretum.



No. 1

Corvina super Decretum Gratiani.


Text(s) – Manuscripts

No. 1

Corvina super Decretum Gratiani.


Basel, Universitätsbibl. C.II.12


Città del Vaticano, BAV Arch. S. Pietro A.28


Roma, Coll. San Clemente 6


Salamanca, Bibl. Univ. 2476


Stuttgart, Würtembergische Landesbibl. HB VI.93a–93b



T. Kaeppeli, Scriptores ordinis praedicatorum medii aevi (Roma 1980) 3.153.