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Report No. r442

Nicolaus de Ausimo

fl. mid. 15th c.


Alternative Names

Nicholas of Osimo (LC); Nicolaus Auximanus; Niccolò da Osimo; Nicholaus de Ausmo; Nicholaus de Auximo; Nicolas d’Osimo; Nicolaus de Ausimo; Nicolaus Auximanus



A Franciscan, Nicolaus was the author of a complementary work (finished in 1444) to the Pisanella, the successful confessional that Bartholomeus de Chaimis had composed almost a century earlier. Nicolaus updated it according to the more recent canonical legislation, also including regular references to the Summa confessorum of Johannes Friburgensis. His enlarged version almost completely superseded the original Pisanella. There was furthermore a collection of penitential canons circulating under his name. However, as Nicolaus admitted in a prologue, he had simply copied it from the Summa of Astesanus (V. 32).



No. 1

Supplementum, 1444.

No. 2

Canones penitentiales ex summa Astesana excerpti.


Text(s) – Early Printed Editions

No. 1

Supplementum, 1444.

Early Printed Editions

Venezia, 1473 (Hain 2151).


Olomouc, 1474 (Hain 2152).


Venezia, 1474 (Hain 2153).


Nürnberg, 1475 (Hain 2154).


Venezia, 1476 (Hain 2155).


Venezia, 1477 (Hain 2156).


Nürnberg, 1478 (Hain 2157).


Venezia, 1479 (Hain 2158).


Milano, 1479 (Hain 2159).


Köln, 1479 (Hain 2160).


Venezia, 1481 (Hain 2161).


Firenze, 1482 (Hain 2162).


Reutlingen, 1482 (Hain 2163).


Venezia, 1482 (Hain 2164).


Venezia, 1483-84 (Hain 2165).


Venezia, 1485 (Hain 2166).


Vercelli, 1485 (Hain 2167).


Nürnberg, 1488 (Hain 2168).


Venezia, 1489 (Hain 2169).


Milano, 1494 (Hain 2170).


Venezia, 1494 (Hain 2171).


Venezia, 1499 (Hain 2172).


s.l., s.a. (Hain 2149).


Venezia, s.a. (Hain 2150).


Lyon, 1519.


Paris, 1623.


Paris, 1642.

No. 2

Canones penitentiales ex summa Astesana excerpti.

Early Printed Editions

Decretum Gratiani. Roma, 1578. This work is included as an excerpt to the Decretum.


Venezia, 1584 (Hain 15445).


Venezia, 1585 (Hain 15446).



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